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  1. HugeSwapper

    Funny thing about being too Smart

    I disagree. $300 is a cheap quick fix to begin repairing what has done to one side of this argument. After all this, principal is not the place to stand. Take the high road, pay it and modify your policy. It's how business works in this letigious panzyazz society. I don't like it, but its the world we live in. There is no helping the plaintiff in this scenario unless its through psychotherepy. I've frankly never witnessed such entitled, venomous and vengeful behavior on this board. Entertained, yet feel like I need to shower before going to bed after reading this whole ordeal.
  2. Details lend a little liability in this story to the hero - coming from many years in L.E., I know. We always just hoped the 'he said she said' allowed us to let the good samaritan go with a pat on the back and proxy book the POS criminal in county hospital/jail. Tip of the day: Know the law. Protect yourself and others and, most importantly: No witnesses means you acted responsibly in accordance with public safety, the law and your responsibility as a good citizen of that fine county, state & country. Have your story straight.
  3. HugeSwapper

    Ohlins Innovations

    Awesome, thank you. Progress. So it's a Florida outfit. Anybody have any experience with them? Prices seem right and the web design is impressive enough. Still can't find a physical address. THANK YOU!
  4. HugeSwapper

    Reed/Windham 2011

    OP I'm guessing is in early 20's or younger. 30 is the optimum age for this sport in my opinion. Body has yet to hit the wall and the mind is stronger. Strategy is an actual possibility due mainly though experience during 'younger-dumber' years. Only at age 25 could I hit the face of the 3rd triple and not succomb to the inevitable injury that 'should' have occcured. Its a short window and I'm glad to see Kevin & Chad taking advantage of it.
  5. HugeSwapper

    Ohlins Innovations

    Anybody have any experience with Ohilins Innovations? They have not physical address, phone # or email address listed on their website. You may just purchase items. I even 'subscribed' to their newsletter to see if I could get more information and nodda. http://www.ohlinsinnovations.com/
  6. HugeSwapper

    Who's Your Favourite Retired Racer?

    These are my GOATS: Rich Thorwaldson Broc Glover Magoo Johnny O Rick Johnson Jeff Ward Kenny Z Doug Henry John Dowd King of SX Mike the Rock RC Kevin Windham WOATS: Jeff Matasiavich Damon Bradshaw JMB ...I'll have to think about this list...
  7. HugeSwapper

    Dicks Racing Experience

    I brought all the springs in new and the valving was for front & rear. My rear was a Showa spring so the shop sold me a KTM spring that was slightly used for about $90. That accounts for some of the cost which, overall is reasonable comparitively speaking. I'm just commenting on the attention to detail and receiving the equipment back with adjusters that were not checked. It's a quality control thing to me. I could care less about the 'personal experience' as I was just looking for functional suspension, not a sponsor who I would be representing or dealing with on a daily basis. I know the shop is an off-road specialty place but had to give them a try for MX for my first KTM since they were local and known to be KTM knowledgeable. I am sure that they would have assisted in getting it right for me but I barely have the time to ride let alone take the bike apart to trouble shoot it at a shop after each ride. I just need something in the ball park and I'll do the rest from there. This one, unfortunately did not work out.
  8. HugeSwapper

    Dicks Racing Experience

    I walked into the shop and was ignored for 5 minutes by some dude sitting on a computer at the front counter. I will not get into the rest of the 'counter experience' as I'm not sure it really matters. No worries, I get that not every person who chooses suspension tuning as their career really needs a personality. I moved forward with the work and received the suspension back 5 days later. Like a dumbass I did not bother to check all the adjusters when I got home after spending $600 for a full revalve on my 350. I simply set the static and hit the track. I hit the first step-down triple in 4th gear that I had dialed since the day I owned the bike. I don't know what happened after that since I ended up on my head with a serious concussion. I'm told the bike kicked wildly on landing and subsequent breaking bumps. After a few days in bed I headed out to the garage to find that the shock LS compression damping was all the way out (as opposed to the 'stickered' recommended 14 out) and the HS was all the way in. Even after adjusting to recommended settings, and then testing relentlessly, I am about to start all over. Oh - my experience is 21 years overall, former AMA SX/MX pro. Not exactly a rookie at bike setup. I simply cannot believe the shock was sent out with completely unchecked adjustments - completely acknowledging my negligence in not double checking their work. Whatever. Live & learn.
  9. HugeSwapper

    No Start After Throttle Sticks

    Any luck big guy? I'm still thinking its coil/spark related. I hope it works out for ya soon. GH is coming soon. 287
  10. HugeSwapper

    Please help

    Gray is correct. One thing to add is the fact that you'll want to pull the oil strainer out and clean it with solvent. No purpose in putting clean oil back into the case with gunk in the strainer. BTW - 5 quarts for 5 filters? Better go buy a couple more quarts.
  11. HugeSwapper

    hey all you yamaha guys!

    Yeah! Get sum edumacation dork.
  12. I could not find anything on a search regarding stock cam lift and duration for the 06. Anybody have these figures? My manual is MIA. Thanks!
  13. HugeSwapper

    Final weight, 06 YZ250F

    Dammit Audacity! How the hell do I get these boots off now?
  14. HugeSwapper

    250F go after 450F

    I'm with Matt. Stay on the light and more agile bike if you cannot go 100% on a 450 for longer than 15 minutes. If you're a novice to intermediate, that will give you an extra 10 minutes to pick off the tired riders. In my class, only about the best 2 riders can ride the four five oh's at full tilt longer than 20 minutes. Even they will fade before the end of the race. The 250 is just easier to keep the same pace for the full 30 + 1 lap. C As far as the tighter tracks, bring on the 450's. In my opinion, 250 beats the 450 the majority of times unless your driving 65' jumps out of a corner. I will post a ride-report after my install of the Athena 290 kit at the end of the month, for what it's worth. Happy mudding