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  1. Yamaha

    my rapter is bogging when i punch it in secound and 3rd gear about half the time. bad gas, jets,ext. and what are the stock setting for the carb thanks pj
  2. if he givves it some juice hes gut it.
  3. i think its the best when the epa flip on the blues, when your trying to ride in the woods and u take em for a little ride before you evade.
  4. just changed my oil and the plug srewed in cross threaded. i was wondering if there was anything to do for this. im just workied later down the line for an oil change the plug isnt going to hold. what are your thanoughts? thanks PJ
  5. i was wondering if klx110 graphics would fit it, and maybe the asv levers. thanks.
  6. i was thinking about getting a slip on exhaust for my drz sm and was wondering if you evan had to bother with jetting.
  7. im look in to getting full exhaust for my 05 yz250f. just seeing if u guys had any sugestions. im thinking fmf factory 4, yosi. pro series ti., or the ti LO boy. thanks PJ
  8. How are kn oil filters?
  9. This happened snowboaarding over the winter. I had to get two pins in my wrist.
  10. What would i have to do/parts to pute an acerbis headlight on my 250f? thanks, PJ
  11. my first post just thought i would post of pic of me on my bike.