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    08 wont shift

    looks like ill have to take the case off for sure. anyone else have any ideas i can look for?

    08 wont shift

    it is locked solid.no movement what so ever also this was without any drive chain attached to the bike (if it makes any real difference.)

    08 wont shift

    i just got my basket case bike running tonight, and it wont shift it is stuck in whatever gear it is in. when i had the engine out of the bike i with the two case halves bolted together it would shift through all the gears while rotating the drum by hand. but since i installed the gear shift spindle, collor, and guide plate it wont shift using the shifter. the washer is on the spindle, and the two spring pieces are on the either sides of the pin. the shift spindle is on the collar so it all seems as though it should work. does anyone have any ideas?

    08 450 dowl pins in cylinder

    some of you may have read i had gotten a basket case 08 that im putting back together and im not quite sure if there is a dowl pin that goes from the cylinder to the crankcase for the antifreeze port. the microfiche shows three, but the one that might go there isnt in the descriptions below. (its item one in the picture and the list starts at 2?) so does this engine get a dowl pin there or is it just the two on the studs? heres the microfiche im looking at. http://www.serviceho...2008&fveh=20243

    where does this engine collar belong?

    I called hotrod on my lunch break it is indeed now spare parts. Thanks for the info guys

    where does this engine collar belong?

    Ill get some measurements tomorrow. The bike got nee hr bearings, crank, and seals.

    where does this engine collar belong?

    Crank is new, Hotrod stroker. Does it need this collar? If so im going to be ver unhappy hahaha
  8. i bought a 08 basket case, and im in the process of rebuilding the engine. i have found this collar and i cant figure out where it goes.... ive looked through all the micro fiche's andi cant find it anywhere. what do you guys think?

    2008 honda trx 450er problems please help?

    OH MAN THATS BAD!!!! might as well buy a new engine now before it locks up soon. im just kidding man. thats not a sprocket, it just holds oil in the window. when you start the engine the oil will be circulated by the oil pump and it will look like the that piece behind the glass is spinning. your engine is fine.

    what SMR to get for on road use?

    i appreciate your info but i would prefer a smaller more nimble bike. i will be jumping it and taking it offroad. i would also prefer having a full cradle frame. thats the only thing keeping me away from the 630s and im not a fan of how they look.

    what SMR to get for on road use?

    me and a buddy of mine are getting out of the street bike world and thinking of jumping on some supermoto's. but we really dont know what ones to be looking at. me personally would like more of a actual MX feel than the DRZ, we have been looking at the 2011 husqvarna 510smr and were pretty set on them until he talked to a dealer and they said that the bike would need a valve adjustment every 1000 miles and that parts are hard to find (does anyone know how what the maintenance and reliability is on these bikes?). the next option is a KTM. but they dont make supermoto's anymore and the SMR's are impossible to find used here. were worried about the EXC's knobbys wearing down to fast and not handling the best at high speed turns. the last option is finding a CRF/YZ/RMZ/SX and doing a conversion then having to take it to Vermont to register/insure it because in NY we cant put MX bike on the road. Does anyone have any suggestions on what me and my friend should do/buy from personal experience? or can give me some more insight on these bikes and how long they may be able to go before ill have to start rebuilding them?