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  1. Punisher 660

    06 450, fuel comming out of vent hose

    I wonder about a bad cap as well. My 04 WR does the same thing - I have one of the little stubby things with the fancy vent cap (3rd one actually). I had to safety wire the darn thing on because it would build so much preassure that it would blow off when riding. I loosen the cap and let some of the preassure down, but it builds back up again. Let us know what you find out.
  2. What time you thinking? I've never been to Hoble creek, but I'm dying to.
  3. Punisher 660

    heres my hybrid all dun

    There are always so many opinons when it comes to any post regarding 'getdrunk'. Enough talk....I want to see some video! Bring a video camera next time your hybrid blows the doors off of a CR250......I know its possible, but I want to see it. As for the rest of you, POST EM! I want to see all you bad azz little kids tear it up. You are all so quick to bash someone, but I want to see your skillz as well.....put your tires where your mouth is Talk is cheap and the video posts have been slow lately.
  4. Punisher 660

    heres my hybrid all dun

  5. Punisher 660

    heres my hybrid all dun

    On the contrary ignorant one.... The motor in the YFZ450 is a detuned WR450 motor (or at least based on one). When comparing the engines alone on the dyno, the 426 is going to make near the same numbers as the 450 (YFZ) motor if not a little more. The 426 will have a lighter flywheel as well. If you read what some of the quad guys are doing, they now put the YZ450F motor in the YFZ and they are flat smoking everything around. The quad motors are not bike motors....not as much power, but they do have more beefed up trannys. Why put it in a 400 EX? If you have a 400EX to start with....why the hell not? As for the Banshee, get real.....they only place they can outrun the new quads is when on the sand. I have spanked plenty of them with a near stock YFZ450 (pipe and airbox mod only) on an MX track, dirt road, and everywhere else. The Banshee does have way more hop up potential though. I don't know where he is getting his idea of being able to beat a bike though, but it does take a lot more to go fast on a quad than it does a bike. That being said, I am a good 15 seconds per lap faster on my WR450 just play riding on the MX track than on my wifes YFZ trying to ride hard. Bikes rule!
  6. Punisher 660

    Steel Framed Purists Unite!...A bit of an editorial

    Clark, When you read the post replies and see some of the signatures, your point is very well taken. Some of us do remember Mouse McCoy and his cronies, but I will have to agree to dis-agree on the aluminum frame thing.....anything that can lower the center of gravity or reduce the bikes weight is a welcome change in my book. Back to your point though.....I have noticed the quality of posts are degrading rapidly and this site is becomming more and more like the typical web blogs over run by uninformed and un-knowledgable 15 year old smart asses. That being said, where are the guys like Indie, DaveD, and NC Mountain Man....I valued their contributions and posts, and find that all of the recent newbies seem to have migrated from places like Bluetraxx.com
  7. Punisher 660

    Light Switch

    I purchased my 04 WR 450 used, so don't ride me for this one..... Is the WR supposed to have a light switch or not? Does it depend on the year? My headlight is on all the time - is this an issue or how it is supposed to be? Where would it plug in if it had a switch at one point?
  8. Punisher 660

    Scotts Damper Follow up

    also - any cabling issues running the AJ adapters?
  9. Punisher 660

    Scotts Damper Follow up

    What is the sub mount for the scotts? I though that was the taller clamps? Is it something else?
  10. Punisher 660

    Ford Diesel Engines.

    This is a common FORD problem. I have had the same thing happen on my Expedition, my friends have had it happen on their F150, and another on his Excursion. Check out www.dieselstop.com, there are several posts on the issue. It is the door sensor that is going out for on of the doors. It will progressively get worse and will also cause issues with the interior lights.
  11. sorry, lindsay is the only one I know of
  12. Punisher 660

    Your best whip

    So who is going to do the tutorial for the rest of us that suck There are 2 that I know of, one from Gary Semics, and the other by Ace Motocross (or something like that), but neither one of them illustrate very well what exactally it takes - i.e. jump positioning, body etc.... PLEASE HELP! I want to jump like Osaka!
  13. Punisher 660

    Daily Driver - Gas or Diesel

    Everyone has brought up some great points comparing diesel to gas, but you have missed one thing. One of the key purposes Rudolph Diesel invented the diesel engine, was to create a versitile engine that could function using multiple types of fuel. In the age of alternitive fuels and a depleting oil supply, diesel is definitely the way to go. Not everyone wants to make their own veggie oil, but eventually it will be all that is left (or some other dirivitive). So when you gass guzzliers are scrapping your 16 mpg Chevy/Ford big blocks, we dieselers will still be cruising at 20 mpg...... I don't know what the heck I will do with my other toys though
  14. Punisher 660

    Utah Riders, White Wash Feb 18th

    Sounds like it might be interesting
  15. Punisher 660

    scotts vs gpr vs RTT wr450

    Why wouldn 't you want it to dampen back to center? The same motion is happening when your bars are moving in the opposite direction as the original motion that pulled them out of you hands to begin with. I called GPR and asked them, and their answer was: "If you are having to fight to get the bars back to center, then you have the dampening up too high". I still have not purchased mine yet, so all the info I can get until then is most helpful.