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  1. I also have a motoport kevlar GP 2 suit and had them add large patch pockets I like armored under gear works best with tight pants at pit stops. I've used both Rock Garden and Bohn. There's a lot of difference. I cant say which is best. I haven't tested them. I live in so cal so when it's hot it's dry. I find that wearing light long johns and soaking down over 90f. works well at highway speeds. You may look like a prune at the end of the ride but you're a lot less tired and not so dehydrated. In cool weather you can use a thin wind rain proof suit under them. The thing about Cycleport is they'll modify them anyway you want.
  2. I bought a Cycleport (formerly Motoport) Kevlar Mesh suit that does it all with removable liners and armor. It's the best suit I have ever owned for dual sport riding or all around riding heat rain or cold. Is Southern Ca southern? lol.
  3. Oat Willy

    need brake pad help

    Fluids don't compress
  4. Oat Willy

    Dr 650 seat height?

    I'm 5'5" I lowered my DR650 and added a good skid plate and cut the stand off the lowered amount. I still tiptoe but I can reach the stand with my right foot on the ground. Cripes! I don't have a low bike. Sometimes I drop um. I don't count those as crashes. When you lower one end you have to do the same to the other to keep the factory balance. Get a factory manual and fallow the steps. It's easy. I did it. Ben
  5. Oat Willy

    DR650 - Clutch Problem

    Could it be jumping out of gear?
  6. Oat Willy

    Stock dr-650?

    I bought A dr 650 in 7/03 and put a 5.5 gal ims tank on it opened up the air box under the seat I left the exaust stock. I live at sea leval so I put two credit card discs under the needle clip leave the main jet stock until you ride it. It's been so long sense did the mod that I can't rember the main jet size. I have +20k miles on it. It's butt ugly and always runs good. I could go on and on about it. Oatwilly
  7. Oat Willy

    The Clean-Bike Disease

    You guys are sick
  8. Oat Willy

    2000 SM 610 question

    I bought a 2000 610 with about 4,000 km on it last year and I ride it almost every day. It's a great commuter and unreal in the twisties. I had a few problems to begin with due to the previous owner or mechanic. A screw head on the rocker box broke off and it just didn't run as sharp as I thought it should. After a few miles and a few adjustments it was up to snuff. I do all my own maintenance and haven't been too happy with the quality of other mechanics work on any of my bikes. I've found that if you want it done right and you really want to know exactly whats been done do it yourself. By the time you transport your bike to the dealer and do all the thing that go with all of that you could have done it yourself and even put on a few miles to boot. Look to see if the exhaust tip ash is light not color but consistency and not oily. Smell the oil to see if it smells burned. other than that just check it out very closely to see if you can find any little clues of poor maintenance. If you don't find much go for it. mine has 28000 km on it now and has been trouble free. Records may be important but check it out because records aren't everything. Do a complete check up on it even if it's just been done to reassure yourself that everything is done right. Get a service manual first off.
  9. Oat Willy

    SMR510 vs SM610

    I have a rare 2000 sm610s and have put about 17;000 miles on it and had almost no problems except the exaust baffles in the stock muffler vibrated apart and a rocker box screw head broke off and created a massive oil leak. That was many miles ago and it's been as reliable as any single I've owned. Living in So Cal I have 4 other bikes and no car and the Hushy is just about all I ride anymore. I had a custom seat made by Bill Mayer Saddles to replace the stock monkey butt unit that came on it and I've ridden from Ojai to Monterey and carried camping gear too in comfort. Even with all the gear loaded I could keep with the sport bikes in the twisties of Big Sur. I love this bike!
  10. Oat Willy

    2003 dr650 &%$#@ base gasket

    After less than 4000 miles my dr650 sprung a base gasket leak. I left the head attached to the cylinder so I didn't need to replace the head gasket and removed all the old base gasket and left it off. I used Three Bond 1104 and no base gasket and now have 24000 miles on it and it's still dry.
  11. Oat Willy

    Looking for TC610 shop manual. Anybody?

    my SM610S owners manual states that the valves should be set at .002 but The shop manual for a SM610R says .004 intake and .006 exaust. Which is correct?
  12. Oat Willy

    Looking for TC610 shop manual. Anybody?

    I just got one for an sm610r yesterday. It took about a week to get here. I got it from Malcolm Smith Motor Sports in Riverside Ca. They've been lots of help and seem patient and Knowledgeable. It was less than $30.00.
  13. Oat Willy

    need brake pad help

    No fluid is compressable I don't see how DOT5 could be spongy
  14. Oat Willy

    650 Base gasket leak...did it happen to you

    I have a 02 Dr650 and it sprung a base gasket with only around 3500 miles on it. I could have taken it int the local dealer but opted to do it myself. I didn't use a base gasket I used Three Bond 1104 and no gasket at all. It has 24000mi. on it now and still no leaks.