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  1. The swap was painless. I had to take 4mm off of the RH swing arm bushing, and 10 MM off of the bottom hole on on both of the front motor mounts. The ignitions from 2004 and 2005 are different, but I simply bolted my 2004 cover and ignition on the 2005 motor and everything worked.
  2. I broke a rod in my 2004 motor and it exited the motor through the cases totally trashing the cases crank and part of the transmission. I bought a complete bottom end on ebay for what was advertised as a 2004, but it is actually a 2005 bottom end. Does anybody know if the 2005 cases will fit in my 2004 frame? And can I use the 2004 cylinder? The 2004 and 2005 stators are different, but can I use the 2004 stator on the 2005 motor?
  3. Mine was loosing spark after being washed. Turned out that the plastic plug on the wiring harness going into the CDI unit (behind the front # plate) was cracked. I taped it with electrical tape, and the problem went away.