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  1. Oldtime Racer

    Shaving the head on a KX 250F '04

    We're not having heating issues at present. The pump has been changed out. I know there were some issues for certain years in the beginning but from what I remember once the pump was changed out the issues went away. Did you shave a head and have heating issues? Thanks for the reply.
  2. Oldtime Racer

    Shaving the head on a KX 250F '04

    I was reading a thread from a long time ago and lost it somehow. Is there anyone on here with actual experience on this? We've been shaving .050 on trx450's with no issues and now plan to shave .020 on a KX250F. Please, no guesses. I'd like to hear from those who have done it or had it done. Thanks.
  3. Oldtime Racer

    Whiplash Hieroglyphic Race

    Nice finish at The Hieroglyphic race Mr. Becker. That is a tough one. Just to get around that one four times is a huge acomplishment. Ready for the next one?
  4. Oldtime Racer

    Something that has been bugging me!!

    Agreed!! Southern AZ the same way!!! Just let it go, man. No harm ever come from looking. If you look it doesn't mean your racist.
  5. Oldtime Racer

    Whiplash Hieroglyphic Race

    Or maybe a good weekend at glamis, "depends" upon your likes and dislikes. I see alot of different flyers from different races. I think I saw one that mentioned Pat Boone and a checkers tournament. If I run across it again, I will post it.
  6. Oldtime Racer

    Whiplash Hieroglyphic Race

    If only rumors were horsepower... Is this site against quads? We have five quads and seven motorcycles on the team. All the quads are four strokes.
  7. Oldtime Racer

    Whiplash Hieroglyphic Race

    Apparently the rumors are false, there are three more races scheduled for this year and they have some new races for next year. Rumors are just that. It was being rumored that the AMRA Wilcox race was not going to happen. I know it is. I am not knocking the AMRA either. I was a small part in getting that together as well. I am sure I will be volunteering to help at future races with them as well. Our boys like both the slower, more technical single track and the fast stuff as well.
  8. Held near Lake pleasant in Arizona. Awesome race!! I was hoping to have images on here. I am new to this site and It may take a bit of time to learn the ins and outs.