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  1. aces anugal

    Saturday Queen Mary Photos By Race Number

    Thanks, good stuff!
  2. aces anugal

    proper way to pronounce these?

    Wiseco is short for Wise Company. Wise is their last name. Wiseco. Ah chair bees. Moto siz. Kee hin. Show ee. Dian eesay. Ah rye. Soo oh me. Moto gootzee. Ahpril eeah. I work in the parts department. I called my reps.
  3. aces anugal

    lynyrd skynrd/riding video

    Dude, that's fcukin' cool. Looks like fun!
  4. aces anugal

    625 Smc?

    Yes, plenty. Buy one, you'll dig it. I have both a DRZ400SM and a 625 SMC both fun - both different.
  5. aces anugal

    Hello all!.....

    Smilin' Marty, the one man Party....... Enjoy Brother!!!!!!
  6. aces anugal

    Bling Junkie

    Or, you could do the mod I just did - it only cost 8 grand, and now I'm much faster........
  7. aces anugal

    SM transmission problems

    5000 miles here, 30 mile commute 5 days a week and two track days at Willow Springs, I ride the shite out of it - zero issues/problems.
  8. aces anugal

    What's the DRZ thinking on steer stabilizers?

    I have one on mine and I love it! www.gprstabilizer.com Great guys, lifetime warranty, lifetime servicing. A great product!
  9. aces anugal

    The Showcase your DRZ thread

    Here's mine at Willow April 18th:
  10. aces anugal

    Show me your baby's tail

    here's mine at Willow on April 18th.....
  11. aces anugal

    Steering Damper

    No complaints.
  12. aces anugal

    New Member - Dealer Recommendation

    No, my DRZ400SM payment if you must know. I'm a freakin' motorcycle salesman. Vette. jeez.........
  13. aces anugal

    New Member - Dealer Recommendation

    Try me(Aaron) at Southbay Motorsports in National City. 619-420-2300. If you want support from a local dealer look no further. If you try OTD motorcycles or what ever they are, ask your salesman if he rides, ask him anything regarding bikes or riding for that matter. Inglewood is a wonderful place to shop as well. Try your local shops first. Yeah we may be a little more, but you'll be purchasing a lot more than just your bike.
  14. aces anugal

    WFO at Buttonwillow - VIDEO

    The bands name is Garbage. I like the music! The video's killer too!
  15. aces anugal

    WFO at Buttonwillow - VIDEO

    Great video, but the music's garbage!