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  1. Kensaku

    Mammoth area on the 24th & 25th.

    Hey Danny, guess who?
  2. Kensaku

    roadrace CRF 150F

    Cool...very trick.
  3. Kensaku

    roadrace CRF 150F

    Nice CF! Where'd you get it?
  4. Kensaku

    Honda CRF150F vs. Loncin SX150

    Very nice write-up. Thank you. My only concern is the parts availability. Sure, you say the parts are interchangeable, but do you know how many and which ones? I don't think the quality of the Chinese bikes will go up...then the prices will go up, and people will rather pay extra for a Honda (or equal Japanese bike) that includes an abundance of parts availability with actual part numbers.
  5. Kensaku

    roadrace CRF 150F

    All very nice bikes. Thanks for giving me ideas and inspiration for the future.
  6. Hey, I sent you a PM. I live in SF. I don't have a CR125. Just cash.
  7. Kensaku

    Helmet cam

    Awesome racing action!
  8. Kensaku

    150 gearing suggestions

    Or you can just get from Thumper Talk Store
  9. Kensaku

    What is CR125 equal to in a Four Stroke CRF250R

    Two-strokes are insane. Four-strokes rule. Love them both.
  10. Kensaku

    150 gearing suggestions

    Thanks. I suck at teh intranet Found the Renthal kit: Thumper Talk store part # 1230-0164 (03 - 06 150F).
  11. Kensaku

    Super Motard Exhaust

    Thanks for the explanation. I get it and I think it's cool.
  12. Kensaku

    Super Motard Exhaust

    I don't see how less ground clearance is better for street.
  13. Hi, I want to do the 428 conversion but am having a hard time finding exactly what I need -- do they make an actualy chain/sprocket combo kit or do I need to buy separately? Also, what is the popular gearing for this bike? TIA
  14. Kensaku

    Super Motard Exhaust

    How is this better than a regular exhaust and why is it considered a SM exhaust?