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  1. I have a Suzuki LTZ250 for the chicks. It starts off fine in 2nd gear, which is where it needs to be for most riding. It will start off in 3rd, but takes awhile to get up to speed. All around it works great. I was in the same boat as you when I decided to get it. Good luck.
  2. I had 3 of them broken, used bike so I don't know how. I put a Cat-5 cradle on 2 years ago and no problems since. Category 5 motorsports - phone - 407-619-9191
  3. There is the obvious one on the bottom of motorcycle, black bolt. Then on the left side bottom of casing remove the magneto cover guard (2 bolts with canoe shaped bracket between them). The second drain plug is behind and in between that bracket. Sorry, I don't have the nifty pics, but you can find them in the owner's manual section 2-11.
  4. I just got back from Ocotillo on my 2009 RMZ450. Everything about ride, handling and power is awesome for me on this bike. The only desert issue I have is I feel like I'm going to run out of fuel if I stray too far from camp for too long. Also, if you want to participate in the nightime hooliganism go with the RMX with the lights.
  5. My local dealer has a 2010 RMX450 in stock. Having just purchased a 2009 RMZ450 I was second guessing my choice right away. My riding is mostly open desert and trails (CA). They had both bikes sitting right next to each other. Aside from the headlamp and tailamp, the biggest difference is the 1/4 turn throttle stop, very corked pipe, display computer, and electric start (still has kicker too). It would have cost me about $2,000 more, and then another couple hundred to warm it up. Plus, the stater and battery are items that will need attention. Straight out of the box the RMZ has all the power I will ever need. Still, the RMX would have had a green sticker. I'm curious as to how de-tuned it actually is compared to the RMZ?
  6. I have never had a bike that i have had to go to reserve so often as the DRZ. Riding style really affects fuel milage. I try to anticipate it and switch to reserve without having to stop or pull over.
  7. I've ridden that same area on my SM. Went up ITT. Also did a bit of Main Divide. The problem with the SM tires is going downgrade. There is almost no grip on the front tire and you really have to feather the front brake to control your speed without locking up and going on your a$$. The bike can easily get away from you downhill, but I guess that adds to the challenge. Uphill and curves can be a challenge, but manageable with proper speed, line and clutch work. When in doubt, power out!!
  8. Am I the only person who wears a kidney belt on my DRZ? I rode without it one day and got punished. What a difference it makes on your back and overall fatigue.
  9. You sealed the deal when you told him, "No Way." You play you pay!!
  10. I say ditch the mechanic. (If it was real)
  11. My second battery got installed with a tender from Walmart for 16.99, its 2 years old now and going strong. I know you stated you used a tender, but I just wanted to emphasize the fact that I think this is the best solution, unless you can diagnose an incorrect battery drain. Another way to look at it is this. I once talked to a guy who owned 19 cars, a collector. I asked him how he took care of all the batteries and his reply was simple, "I only need one battery."
  12. Well, I got the cradle mount installed. I found it much easier turn turn the bike upsidedown for the install (oil drained first). There's no major oil leak, so I think I'll be ok.
  13. Thanks for the reply, what should I do to seal it?
  14. Thank you, I was just gonna start a new post because I got a used DRZ110 with the same problem. I will be getting the cradle mount. Since I'm new at this, when I remove the bolts, is oil supposed to drain out, or is it cracked more that I thought? Also, could anyone recommend a was to seal the case at the cracked bolt mount?
  15. Try applying light pressure to the shifter prior to clutching in and letting off the throttle. There will be a natural break in the gears to slip to the next gear. Not quite a speed shift (without clutching), but it might help you smooth out your shift.