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  1. Does anyone ride during the week (Monday, Tuesday)?
  2. California

    Letter J, I might be up for a ride Wednesday. I need to repair my front flat and should good to go. I might have your number stil land will text you.
  3. California

    Relied to your PM. Thanks
  4. California

    I live in Santa Maria, and was wondering if anyone rides during the week. I plan to ride Rock Front or Oceano Dunes this Wednesday AM, and prefer not to ride alone.
  5. theDogger, I'm working on my freinds 03 CRF450, and putting new springs front and rear. Spring calculator says .53 fr the forks, and 6.5 for the rear. Also going to tackle the valving as well. The base stack seems weak, but he wants the suspensions to absorb the chop, be plush the first 1/3 of the storke, and progressively get stiff like a MX suspension. Could you please point me in the right direction? Weight - 255lbs without gear ( 6' 4" tall ) Rides trails / desert ( fast novice rider C level ) Fork base stack: 8-30x10 1-24x10 1-29x10 1-28x10 1-27x10 1-26x10 1-25x10 1-24x10 1-23x10 1-22x10 1-21x10 1-20x10 1-19x10 1-18x10 Mid Valve stack Comp: 4- 20x10 4-17x10 Rebound: 2-20x10 1-18x10 1-12x10 1-16x10 1-14x10 1-13x10 1-12x10 1-11x20 3-16x30 Shock Valve: I have not taken it apart yet, so no data.
  6. Mrmoto, Thanks for the info. I decided to attack on seperating the fork tube slider. Got it all disassembled,and no need to remove dents.
  7. I'm working on a friends 03 CRF450, and he dented the chrome fork slider. Fork spring is stuck, and it's stuck really good. My question is, if we need to find another slider what year of CRF will fit? I found some info but not really sure. Came across someone that said 2002-2008 is the same. Thanks,
  8. I would think the Gnarly would be a great offroad / trails pipe. Bottom and mid power mostly, not much time spent on top. I might have to try out a Gnarly pipe in the future.
  9. I'm sending my slide off to RB Designs to have cut to a #8. Pretty good deal IMO. After reading ths 13 page topic, sounds like I'm have the same issues as others.
  10. What are you trying to do? It can be done. May want to cc the head before and after.
  11. So I want to order a UFO Restyle kit. However, I want the all white kit and have a blue tank. Any other pictures with all white and blue tank and stock seat. I do like the OEM 13 which I think is the two tone with white rear fender. Kind of bored of the all blue color.
  12. I don't understand why a dented pipe would cause that. I better remove the dented pipe on my bike, don't want it to blow up. I'm betting its lack of maintenance, piston wore out (to many hours), or excessive piston to wall clearance. Pretty much what Adam said. New crank assembly, topend, and check that cylinder out. Good luck!
  13. California

    They usually post if pozo is open. http://www.centralcoastmoto.com/mc/page.do;jsessionid=8D89B123827F7FD4E78C2CEB118D7EA4.mc0?sitePageId=37328
  14. I just found out i broke this power valve stopper. I notice the bike did not have the bottom end like it use to, and after a race and play ride I decided to check into it. It was wedge behind the linkage holding the powervalve halfway open. I'm not going to spend $130 bucks to fix it, and may try to build a stop. Drill and tap for a screw as mention. I think this maybe from over revving the bike, but who knows...
  15. Anywhere from sea level to about 4000' with that jetting.