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  1. kalpa

    Best replacement blinkers?

    I just noticed the same thing. Here's a direct link: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewvehicle&vid=4675
  2. kalpa

    Best replacement blinkers?

    Try KTM/Husaberg blinkers. (2006 onwards is the model I have) Check my garage to see how they fit.
  3. kalpa

    =dr-z video thread=

    Here's some helmet cam footage onboard my DR-Z SM from our allroad tour here in Finland. (80meg, xvid codec required)art_eka_xvid.avi
  4. kalpa

    acerbis plastic

    My bike (SM) has the same setup, acerbis yellow/white plastics kit + ufo SM front fender. There's two colors of yellow for that kit, yellow and RM yellow IIRC.
  5. kalpa

    DR-Z SM's in action (pics)

    Some more DRZ SM action, this time in .mpg format. I have some footage on my hard drive that I'll edit when I have time and motivation. This first clip is winter footage, enjoy winter_break.mpg
  6. I now had time to check the bike. Intake manifold rubber was torn, 5cm cut. It was ok until I took the bike to the supermoto track and hit some big jumps. This cut could be the result of my fight with the broken old FCR I tried during winter. I had to take the carb of the bike about 20 times and at first I had some really crappy clamps.
  7. kalpa

    DR-Z SM's in action (pics)

    I was riding the other DRZ on the track. They had altered the track quite much and added the jumps. I love it! I have some MX background so the jumps felt quite natural, it just took some time to find the best line. Here's one pic of me jumping, just got a good set of pics from TomiKoo.
  8. No it does not have vacuum ports. My guess is that it's either a glogged up pilot jet or loose manifold rubbers.
  9. Went to the local supermoto track and after some hard riding my bike started popping like mad and it also lost the idle totally. I let the motor cool down for a while but this did not help. When I rode back from the track the bike runs fine, except the idle is missing and when giving throttle on neutral the bike pops all the time. The bike has almost brand new FCR39 with burned's EMM settings. Until this occurrence it has been working really well, no popping, no bog. Any ideas or experiences with this kind of issue?
  10. kalpa

    Acerbis plastic on an "s"?

    My SM has the yellow Acerbis plastics kit. Not a big deal to make the rear fender fit, just some cutting.
  11. kalpa

    E CDI into an S

    I've got full exhaust system + FCR. I'm wondering if this would be a useful upgrade, even without aftermarket cams. Does the E CDI make any difference on the ignition?
  12. kalpa

    E CDI into an S

    What about the E CDI with stock SM/S cams? Is there any risk and is there any gains?
  13. kalpa

    DRZ Diet Questions (Please Advise)

    One good place to shave off weigth is the headlight assembly. Chack out how it's done in other enduros, no heavy metal gages and huge lights. Check out my garage, my bike has a Husaberg H4 headlight. It's light and installation is very easy, and I still have a good head light
  14. kalpa

    carb question

    It's the coast enrichener. You don't need it. From here you can find instructions on how to remove it: http://drz.info/DRZ400EK/