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  1. MT250

    Last year of Gassers with 36 spoke hubs

    Thanks for letting me know about that rear wheel assembly. The guy is asking $250 for it but also admitts that he really doesen't know what a fair price is. Would you have an idea what a good price would be to offer him? Thanks
  2. Can any of you Gas Gas owners out there tell me the last model year that the Gassers ran 36 spoke hubs before they downsized to 32's? I am building a ultra lightweight full sized bike based on a KX100 engine with heavy flywheel and low-end torque mods. I will be running 23" trials tires front and rear, the rims of which require 36 spokes. The front wheel was built by Buchanan with a light weight 23" Morad speedway rim on a 36 spoke Marzzochi KLX110 after-market hub. The rear wheel is yet to be built and I may need to purchase a 36 spoke Gasser hub for it. I need to know what year to order to get the most modern one. Thanks.
  3. MT250

    xr with kx65 motor

    The guys in this forum are usually doing the opposite of what your doing, putting four stroke motors into two stroke MX frames. I however am doing something similar by installing a KX100 engine into a highly modified (lightened) 82 XR200R frame. I had even considered using the KX65 motor for reduced weight since this is a prototype build up for a motorized mountainbike along the lines of www.FXbikes.com and www.projectm85.com. These are some of the problems you will need to overcome. 1. The KX motor puts out twice the HP of the XR100, 15 vs. 7. So the stock suspension will be overwhelmed by the speed the KX can produce. 2. Although the 12mm swingarm bolt on the XR will fit through the rear motor mount of the KX nicely and help with locating the motor properly in th XR frame, two other problems exist. The exspansion chamber on the KX comes straight out the front of the motor rather than turning to the side like the XR motor does. This puts it on a collision course with the XR down tube, so either the pipe will have to be cut and rewelded and rerouted or the XR down tube will need to be shortened and have an upside down U welded on it to turn it into a "forked" down tube like the frame of the KX65 looks like. At the bottom of the upside down "U" new motor mount attatchments will have to be fabricated. Also mounts for the radiator from the KX need to be put on the XR frame. At the swingarm/motormount area your next problem exists. You will either need a custom swingarm made, like from Novation Racing in Spokane WA where I live, or have a local machinist section out the center area of the XR swing arm where the KX motor mount will fit into so the XR swingarm bolt will run through the hole in the KX motor. The tube that the XR swingarm bolt rides in will also have to be sectioned. Then the swing arm will have to be machined for two additional bushings to suport the swing arm on both sides of the KX motor mount. Also there will be a problem matching up sprockets since the KX runs 420 chain and the rear sprocket of the XR is 428. XR80 rear sprockets are 420 so you would need to swap one out for the XR100 sprocket. 3. Make sure the kick starter will have enough room to clear the XR frame when kicking the motor over, this could be a problem. As you can see there is a lot of welding and machining work required to pull this off! I am a professional weldor/ fabricator. I know about the XR100 engine because that was the engine I originally was going to use in my project before going to the KX100 motor. AT 6'2" I can not ride the XR100/KX100 sized bikes but I wanted a light powerful engine in a almost full size frame and the XR200 frame fits me. What is your reason for running the KX 65 engine in the XR100 frame. Good luck if you do it. You will learn a lot about fabrication and overcoming problems!
  4. I'm a good welder too, but welding up a frame that is not distorted by heat is a real challenge especially in the head tube area. The manufacturers machine the head tube bearing race cuts after all the welding is done to make sure the bearings are concentric. For an excellent buildup of a custom dirt bike check out www.projectm85.com/index.html. I am currently building a bike along these lines. Good Luck
  5. MT250

    crf150 swingarm on an xr100?

    Depends on which CRF150 model your talking about, the F or the R. The F model frame in the swingarm area is just as wide as a full-size bike like a CR125. This means the swingarm is way too wide to fit into a mini-bike sized frame like the XR/CRF100. I have installed a XR100 motor in a CRF150F frame, so I have done the measurements. A CRF150R model however is a true mini-bike with a correspondingly smaller frame and narrower swingarm closer in width to the XR/CRF100. Whether it would fit or not I don't know.
  6. MT250

    xr100 jetting with 132 bbk

    How do you like the power of the 132 kit? How long have you had it. Thanks
  7. Hello: I did a search and other than Ebeck suggesting it, I couldn't find info on running a KX100 USD fork on a CRF150F frame. Does anybody have experience doing this and knows what mods must be made? Thanks
  8. That head cleaned up nice, Socal. Are you going to do anything different to prevent another meltdown in the future? Those small valve stems look to be the weak link in the Kitaco 145 kit. Do you think a guy should replace them every so many hours as a preventitive measure? What about the posibility of having some custom valves made with bigger stems. Thanks
  9. MT250

    My Gift to Myself!!!

    Why did your exhaust valve bend, and what do you watch out for to keep them from bending?. Are you running the Kitaco 145 kit? Thanks
  10. MT250

    My Gift to Myself!!!

    Congratulations SocalXR! I am still planning on getting that 145 kit myself and would like you to keep us updated on performance and reliability issues with this kit. I respect your technical expertise, and have fun with it!
  11. MT250

    What other bikes does this part fit???

    Hi SocalXR: www.servicehonda.com has the best honda prices I have seen. I saved around $200 on a CRF150F frame over my local dealership price. Don't know on the free shipping however. Does that DMC CR/XR of yours have a Kitaco 145 kit in it?
  12. As much as I like Honda's, and I have ridden them for years, if any part of their coporation is contributing to Sierra Club then they need to be taken to task for it. Big corp. understand dollar signs and if THEY start getting letters from riders that Honda will either stop Sierra Club support or we will stop riding Honda's, this will grab their attention. Why do you think Sierra club has so much money? They blackmail corporations and companies like Honda have given in. But Honda shouldn't be allowed to have it both ways. Either dump Sierra Club or lose their dirt and street bike sales! That's the letter we should be writting!
  13. MT250

    Lightest 21" front wheel?

    I to am building a frankinbike inspired by the FXbikes.com machine. The lightest tire rim setup short of using a downhill mountain bike setup like FX, is using a 23" Morad Speedway rim (36 spoke count which will lace up to some of the older GasGas front hubs) and a 23" Speedway knobby. Don"t let the 23" number fool you, while the rim is a full 23" the tire is the same diameter as a 21". The side wall height has been reduced to accomadate the 23" rim. The rim is very light weight and the tire only weights 5 1/4 lbs. most 21"s weight in the 7 lb range. The tire and rim are available from Cody Racing and Buchanan wheel can supply the spokes. I would be interested in trading bike design details with you, I live in Washington State and have been working on this project off and on for about 3 years.
  14. MT250

    cam replaced but.....

    Hello Goatman. The last time I saw one of your posts, it was over on the XR80-200 forum. Do you still have the CR145 Kitaco conversion, or is it ancient history with the advent of the CRF150R?