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    dirtbiking and chilling with friends
  1. MoToFrEaK14

    Carbed Engine Question

    okay...im having it looked at by my friend thats a Chevy mechanic. hes gonna let me know what he finds out tomorrow. the mechanic im buying it from said its an electric choke...
  2. MoToFrEaK14

    Carbed Engine Question

    http://www.classicindustries.com/controller.cfm?type=product&action=productDetail&categoryId=85&subCategoryId=655&catalogYearId=110&startRow=41&sortBy=1&sortOrder=1&resultsPerPage=10&currentPage=5&choosenAttributeIdList=&choosenAttributeValueIdList=&productId=92300&productSearchCatalogId=4 thats the kit i found...that fix it?
  3. MoToFrEaK14

    Carbed Engine Question

    i found an electric choke kit for the '64 C10 for $60 from Classic Industries. Would that fix it?
  4. i am picking up a 1964 Chevy C10 next week and there is only one problem with it. Before you start the truck, you have to pour gas into the carb so itll start. the mech. said the choke was stuck? some electrical part? anyone know how to fix this? what it is? how much itll cost? shoot me a PM if you do thanks for all the help ahead of time:ride:
  5. MoToFrEaK14

    Loading Ramp

    i sent you a PM....lemme know what you think.
  6. MoToFrEaK14

    7/8's or 1 1/8's Handlebars?

    i personally like the fat bars....always have, always will.
  7. MoToFrEaK14

    Adjusting Valves....

    its time to adjust the valves on my 2007 KTM 250SXF....anyone have a link to a service manual or something that will instruct me on how to do it? never done valves before....any tips?
  8. MoToFrEaK14

    SG10 vs Tech7

    SG-10's are amazing boots
  9. MoToFrEaK14

    Finding Race gas

    there is a gas station about 2 minutes away from me with race gas
  10. MoToFrEaK14

    Is motocross a sport?

    motocross isnt a sport.....its life!
  11. MoToFrEaK14

    rate the "top five"

    1. KTM 2. Kawasaki 3. Yamaha 4. Honda 5. Suzuki
  12. go to pismo....nicer weather that time of year.