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  1. Baffled

    Lost keys

    ah crap I ran mine by cutting just the black and red and conecting them..... the other wires were still conected all day!!! Did I hurt my bike? I know it drained my battery but after it is charged I should be able to cut the other two wires and start it right? It still will bump start and run fine I just hope when the battery is done charging it will start with the button.
  2. Baffled

    Do I have to Jet?

    So takeing out the baffle will not hurt it because the air box is still stock? How would I know if it is to lean? "symptoms"
  3. Baffled

    Do I have to Jet?

    Well were I ride is 2,000 up to 6,500. I am going to ride in two days and I don't want to try to jet the carb, because I suck with tools. I do like the power that taking the baffle out but I heard you can blow up your motor??? So if i ride with out the baffle and have stock jetting will I blow up my bike, or damage it? Thanks Total Noob
  4. Baffled

    Do I have to Jet?

    If I take the Baffle out of a stock bike will the motor be hurt? Some people tell me to take it out some say it will hurt my motor