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  1. Buffalo Breath

    ****!n kientech screw!!!!

    You may have a couple of problems, 1st you may have a damaged needle seat, from the idle adjust needle being screwed in to tight, second the needle you recieved may have the wrong taper on the tip, if you have the oem try it if the problem is cured using the original, then return the needle for exchange, if the problem is still there, and the float level is correct then you may have a bad seal ring on the float valve body letting fuel leak past into the bowl,also have you installed the needle with the hardware in the correct order using a new oring?? the white while putting around in the yard may be just plain over heatng for lack of circulating air, you may also have a como problem such as to much fuel in the float camber and an air leak on top of that,Have you checked to make sure the jets are all tight?? Iam guessing that this is a dr350
  2. Buffalo Breath

    Well, I finally picked the dr650 up! Some running questions?

    Sounds like you have some clutch drag issues, check your operates manual for the correct adjustment, also some times the shift lever is just not in the right postion for your foot you may want to raise up or down on the shaft, also be sure that the carb mod wont void your warranty
  3. Buffalo Breath

    Gaining Weight

    At 17 your to young to do heavy weight training you will just ruin your joints and tendons even if done right, your hot metabolism just burns what you take in, if you want to train for m/c racing ride a bicycle and do some hikeing, I was 6 foot in high school and was 155, stayed that way till i was about 25 then i started to hit the weights and made huge gains by the time I was 27 I was at 185, I have done weights off and on but always active doing one thing or another, now at 55 years old I still do weights but alot more than I used to, I should mention I have always been a veggie eater and not much meat, Iam now still 6 foot and 190 pounds of mucle, I make most people that are at least 20 years younger look like crap, all done with out eating crap and a ton of protein sups. your body will let you know when its time, by the way I spend 2 hours a day on the weights and abs, iam going to look good when Iam dead but for now I will stettle for my 35 year old girl friend hanging on my arm
  4. Buffalo Breath

    Question about frikin Dealers.

    let me get this right they messed up with a battery install but your going to let them do major repair on the bike,Walk in there and demand a new bike its that simple and if you dont get it then have a talk with consumer affairs dont give them time thats to there advantage, I wouldnt take a bike that had acid damage cause some of it may be hidin or over looked you are the consumer insist on your rights
  5. Buffalo Breath

    rm rim on dr350

    Any one lace a rm 250 rim to a 96 dr 350 rear hub, cant find info with the search, thanks
  6. Buffalo Breath

    Suzuki dr 350 purple frame paint?

    Forget it it has to be made to order at a paint store that does computor color match about $90 per rattle can, been there tried that spent $275 to have matched in powder coat, looks great and much tuffer and all the rust is off the bike, about a 3 day job to take apart and put back together, if you do things in units
  7. Buffalo Breath

    96 dr350 rim

    Need to replace my rear rim on my 96 dr350 its mangeled, shopping around I dont see any one offering a 18" 36 hole alloy rim, want to stay with the 18" cause I have a bucnh of tires for that size, dont want to do an ebay thing for a whole wheel I always seem to get the shaft:excuseme: :thumbsup:
  8. Buffalo Breath

    DR350 not starting! Just bought it and now won't start. PALEEEEEZ HELP!!!

    The bikes not going to run right with an open air box unless it is rejeted and the pilot as wellas the main jet increased in size, you also will have to raise the needle, what jets are in it now? and does it have a stock exhaust on it, as far as the petcock it will need to be rebuilt or replaced, check to see if the oil is contaminated with gas from not being able to shut it of the idle mix screw strat at about a 11/4 tun out from closed dont tighten it down into the seat just close it till lt starts to feel close to bottom then turn out, warm bike up and set it for fastest idle and then set the idle speed with the adjust scew keep idle under 950 rpm while doi ng the low speed adjust
  9. Buffalo Breath

    Avoid this exhaust

    Bought a Kompressor exhaust off of ebay, man real junk, advetised as a stainless mid pipe, its not, the can is so soft you can crush it with your bare hands, flimsy mounting bracket and no mid pipe support, and the name plate is plastic static cling decal witch, peeled off just handling the part, its costing me $50 just to return it with there handling fees$ shipping
  10. Buffalo Breath


    Has anyone tossed the airbox for a carb mounted filter I have a off-set k&n that has a foam sock on it that will fit and I have to rejet any way, I use the bike for lite trail use, but about 90% street, I know it can be done but on My GS1000 I had a problem with the cutaway on the slides being to lean, not enough vacuum on the back side of the slide.
  11. Buffalo Breath

    just another?

    Ipulled my carb apart on my 96dr350 se and it had a washer under the main jet my book does not show one, I know the last owner was in it mess ing around, cause the jet head has marks on it, any one else have a washer under there main, its real thin. also I was going to touch up my frame, I got me the purple one, the dealer says no go and PJ only has blue and white, any Ideas thanks for the great site I have been going over this bike with the info here and doing some up grades and previous owner repairs, some people should not work on bikes.