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  1. New DR-Z400 Guy

    Speedo Healer for DR-Z400S?

    Has anyone tried putting a Speedo Healer on the DR-Z400S yet? I sent them an e-mail and they said that it would probably work if I could find the correct wires to tap into the speedometer, but that they don't have a "plug and play" for it. If not the speedo healer, has anyone else been able to find something to fix the speedo inaccuracy?
  2. New DR-Z400 Guy

    *repeat* big 3x3 Thanks

    I could really use that file too! jreetz@kalama.com Thanks
  3. New DR-Z400 Guy

    Hand Guards for DR-Z400S

    Dang, what a group. Just posted this last night and all ready have plenty of info to make a decision. I went the the Tusk D-Flex. Looks like a nice setup. Also, I did do some more reading and found my answer for the 3x3mod. Still have one more question on that mod though. I know that the Dynojet kit will come with the needle and spring, but if I understand correctly, I'll still need to buy a 140 main jet and a 25 pilot jet. Is that correct? I just got the bike a week ago, so I probably won't do the mod until the warranty is up. After that, I'm cuttin' loose. Thanks again for all your help.
  4. New DR-Z400 Guy

    Hand Guards for DR-Z400S

    I have a 2005 DR-Z400S that is all stock right now and will probably stay that way for a while with the exception of tires. I'm trying to find a descent set of hand guards that will fit the stock handle bars without having to move the mirrors, grips, etc. Any suggestions? Also, I keep reading about a "3X3 Mod". What is that and where can I get it? Thanks