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  1. My dad shot this video for me and I wanted to share it with anyone looking for better ways to keep cool at the track...
  2. RP450

    Yoshimura RS-4 slip on

    Thanks for the feedback. How do you get remapping/programming by Eddie? Does he/they have a website?
  3. RP450

    Yoshimura RS-4 slip on

    I'm in the market for a Yoshimura RS-4 slip on for a 2012 Honda CRF450R. Does anyone have links to a discount code or a just a link to the best online priced place to buy for from? Thanks
  4. That makes sense, thanks for the info
  5. I thought low 7s was good, where did you get one for 6200OTD?
  6. Thats an awesome price, which dealer did you buy from?
  7. I just wanted to get some feedback on a what would be a fair price and/or dealer to buy from for a leftover 2011 Honda CRF450R? Ive had offers from 7200 - 8350OTD assuming the lowest offer wouldn't change drastically when I get there. I live in Las Vegas Nevada so CA, Arizona or southern Utah would prob be my only options if its worth the travel. Thanks