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  1. George at ESP is one of the best, bar none. He really really knows his shi*t. You can send your suspension to him, or drop off your whole bike. Super nice guys, really honest guys too! Make the trip, you'll be glad you did!
  2. So what are the benefits of having a solid front axle? I mean I can see it'd be more durable.
  3. What's an SAS?. As soon as you tell me, I'l probably go "oh yeah, duh"
  4. I'm not going to be doing any extreme 4x4. I just wanna have a little bit of fun, and take some trails. Is your Edge an auto or manual? I've got the 5sp auto. The FX4 has Bilstein shocks, a Torsen LSD with 4.10's, and other stuff.
  5. On monday I bought a new on the lot 2006 FX4 Level 2 Ranger. I'll post up pics in a bit.. Does anyone know how well these things do in the dirt? I cant wait to take her out!
  6. Yeah, its not going to get a greenie...No way in hell.. SRT426, do you by chance own an SRT4?
  7. I want one too...
  8. Yes, get a rim lock!
  9. For open desert, I'd recommend the WR, either 250 or 450. It's a great bike, very reliable (as are all Yamaha's). The CRF/X's werent as reliable as the blue bikes before, I dont know about this model year. If you arent all about top speed, I'd recommend the YZ450F. It's a beast, with plenty of power and its light...
  10. Well that's good to know. Grayracer said that Yamalube isnt such a good oil (but I had bottles of it from my old 250F, so I gotta use it up...) I'll get some better oil next change and just "lose" the other oil... The bike still runs like a raped ape.. It's a beast....LOL
  11. On second thought...I never noticed it before I changed the oil....Its on it's first oil change still....
  12. 10, if that.... I just changed the oil with Yamalube 4-R.....could that be a reason?
  13. I've noticed on my 06 YZ450 that there is sometimes some transmission "whine". It's mainly on decel, not that loud, but if you listen for it, you can hear it. The closest thing I can compare it to is the whining my manual Mustang makes... Is a little bit of noise normal? The clutch seems to be engaging fine, it still stalls out if i let it out in first without throttle, and downshifting I can still get a bump... Any ideas?
  14. I agree with these guys..This thing always starts after 1-3 kicks. My 02 250F....if you dumped it...good god you were hosed. The trick that worked for me was to just turn off the gas, lay the bike on its side, until all the gas drains out of the carb, kick it over and *REMEMBER* to turn the gas petcock back on!.... A few times I forgot....that wasnt a good thing!
  15. Yeah, that was quite convenient...I had a bunch of air and oil filters from my 02 250F layin around....I was quite pleased when i looked at them and realized they were the same (Of course I realized this RIGHT after I bought two twinair filters and a reusable oil filter)