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  1. drj777

    Basic Maintenance Question!!

    thanks guys! i got em open - and was all set to finish... and then i cut a few links too many outta my new chain:bonk: there goes a $130 down the drain. the bumper sticker of my life MUST be : DO IT THE HARD WAY! drj
  2. how do i open up the rear calipers to re-install the rear wheel? i dismantled my bike down to the subframe for service and cleaning - and in the process i pressed the rear brake lever and the calipers closed - ALL THE WAY. so - im ready to put the dang thing back together and i cant seem to get em open...i could really use a little help on this one. thanks drj
  3. drj777

    Need A Nice Ride Near S.b.

    i went to ballinger...nice place - kinda small. great trails. kicked my ass a little. long drive home - shouldve camped there. funny thing - its just like a mini gorman - that was three times further. beautiful area - ventucopa is cool - and that valley was just awesome!! drj
  4. drj777

    Need A Nice Ride Near S.b.

    ballinger canyon - any pics?? drj
  5. drj777

    Need A Nice Ride Near S.b.

    im looking for a new place to ride near santa barbara this weekend (where the temps are a bit cooler)... im firmiliar with pozo la panza - but thats too far north... any ideas?? drj
  6. drj777

    Quick Question??

    seriuosly? 43mm...?? wow...thats a bit smaller than i thought - but @ least now i know. thanks!! drj
  7. drj777

    Quick Question??

    i really need to be sure... anyone else know? drj
  8. drj777

    Quick Question??

    what is the diameter of the XR400s stock forks?? is it 45...46...or 47mm...?? drj
  9. ...mine has nearly 11,000 miles on it - more than half of which i put on personally... the next AND last thing i have planned for her is rejetting and gear down so shes more 'highwayable' - but i just love this spunky little bike - its quite the 'sleeper' everytime i go down to the shop they love it because it looks like a gutless little bike - till they test ride it!! drj
  10. drj777

    XR400 Seat Preference?

    save it for later - but TRUST ME - its worth every penny!! good luck. drj
  11. drj777

    XR400 Seat Preference?

    i have some pics of my bike - but i think this is gonna be better... http://www.aloop.com/ check out the gallery too!! http://www.aloop.com/Aloop%20Customer%20Photos%201.htm drj
  12. drj777

    Ride to work?

    i ride my XT350 to work everyday that its relatively warm and not raining (which means A LOT!)...the bronco is now just for show - and the other one doesnt even see daylight unless i have a date - so - it never sees daylight. i commute about 20 miles round trip thru the deepest darkest densest part of west l.a. - up and down the dreaded 10 freeway. since i work @ night the first part of my ride is the worst - end of day rush hour traffic. (which is a blessing AND a curse) i DO split lanes which tickles me pink until some MEATHEAD nearly hits me making a lane change while talking on the phone, messing with the radio and looking the wrong way - just so he can be in the next lane - STILL GOING NOWHERE!! (can anyone say - overstimulated useless mutlitasking for me?) usually - its a breeze - its mostly freeway with a couple of miles to shoot up fairfax then down wilshire for a bit. if i take the truck - its 45 minutes to AN HOUR to travel those 9 miles one way (it might be time to move ) - but on the bike - its more like 20...and i get to work totally stoked - instead of pissed!! the ride home is easy - middle of the night - with the entire freeway basically to myself. i average about 50mpg - which is great as gas around here creeps up over $3.35 - THANKS PRES.DORK BUSH!! (how is it we 'occupy' the country with the largest oil reserve and gas has NEVER BEEN MORE EXPENSIVE? ) but i digress... shamefully - due to the usual fair weather - i can often be found commuting to work in a t-shirt (a nice one though) and jeans - a pair of vans with no socks (i save the socks for later when its chilly) my shoei, my moto gloves and a nice set of mirrored goggles!! (that also happens to be the same as my work uniform - hmmm?) ...the way home from work is another story - then i break out the gericke road jacket (with padding) and the socks ive been saving for the brisk l.a. evenings. oh and my CLEAR goggles to see better!! wow - that was a lot for a simple question - good thing i havent had any coffee!! drj
  13. that totally sucks - because i have an '00 XT350 that i commute to work with and then ride the crap out of on weekends...usually @ 60-70mph - and shes NEVER been a problem... ive run her out for over 150 miles in an afternoon for 6-7 hours and she might come back a bit low on oil - but other than that, no problems. HOWEVER - these bikes always come from the manufacturer LEAN...and after i added my pipe (and 12 discs) i had the mixture adjusted (but NEVER rejetted) i also never run her over 7000rpms for extended periods of time. she runs really well @ 5500-6000......that she'll do all the live long day without issue. it sounds like you might have asked too much from a bike that wasnt geared to 'nearly' redline all day for miles and miles. but its a good excuse to pick up that XR @ least. drj
  14. drj777

    XR400 Seat Preference?

    i LOVE my a-loop kit (tank and seat) its not too soft and not too hard (dont spend too much time on it anyways) plus its narrower than stock so it lets me sit WAY up front when i need to... drj
  15. drj777