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  1. bing

    Beta xtrainer jetting

    I'm in Australia and I agree with Roon in that we don't have the altitude issues. My bike was rejetted and regeared 13/52 at the Dealer (Crossroads in Grafton - great bunch of people!). The bike has run perfectly and the only mods to my bike have been a decent bashplate/pipe protected, radiator guards and Barkbusters. I also put a fuel filter in and removed the airbox restrictor. After a couple of rides the gearing was too low in first so I've gone to a 14T front sprocket (KTM sprockets fit) and the gearing spread is near perfect now. I haven't fiddled with the suspension yet (came from a 2013 Husaberg FE350) and I might later but I accept the higher speed limitations but I still keeps up with the bigger bikes and KTM250/300's. A great real world dirt bike.
  2. bing

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    2010 DR650 with the following mods: Full StainTune system Dynojet kit Extended adjustable fuel screw No Toil air filter airbox opened up to suit carb mounted choke button (instead of handlebar) carb slide drilled Polisport headlight BajaDesigns ignition switch KTM WP forks and triple clamps (these fit straight in!) with fork air bleeders SPP fat bar fitted KTM dirt wheels from '05 450 EXC fitted with Michelin MS3 front and S12 rear KTM Behr motard wheels with 320mm disc and caliper relocator KTM Brembo front brake caliper, line and master cylinde with ASV lever MotoMaster front disc Vapor speedo unit Steering damper mount (for Scott damper yet to be fitted) made by Mark Downie Lowered footpegs (from Procycle in the US) Clarke 16L plastic tank Scott grips Ohlins shock from eBay - mid 90's KTM which was revalved and resprung to suit DR late model KTM front guard and fork protectors "Morning Wood Camo" decals to protect the plastics (plus for a laugh) B&B bashplate BarkBuster EGO handguards KTM LC8 rear disc (to suit the DR650 240mm requirement)
  3. bing

    spoking the rear rim to the front hub ??

    New spokes for both wheels.
  4. bing

    spoking the rear rim to the front hub ??

    True I use a rear rim but the wheel builder had to do some drilling to get the spoke angles right. I use a 110 tyre (Conti supermoto) and was thinking about trying a 120 Distanzia. I agree the rim is not optimal for a 120 front but the amount of 110's is limited. However the 110 has never posed a grip problem and don't let size rule you out. Never did for me You can get Michelin Pilot Powers in 110. I'm using a 150 on the rear and that is plenty.
  5. Let us know how it goes. It must be a US thing 'cause I don't remember having any of these hassles when I did mine.
  6. bing

    DR650SE questions

    Even with standard gearing and exhaust it will wheelie into top gear. With modded gearing (I run 14/48 on the dirt and 16/41 with supermoto wheels and it will wheelie with both. Dirt gearing it will pick up in third - supermoto needs clutch in 2nd). I once took a mate with a Fireblade through some very twisty roads on an old DR650 (96model) with no mods. Dropped him off - so it very much depends on the rider.
  7. bing

    DR650 best exaust (full?slipon?) performance wise

    Staintune. They will only offer the full system as they believe the header is too small. My bike has one and I rate it highly for both power gain and longevity.
  8. bing

    Weeble Wobble

    Snow4aaron, Do you have any pictures of your Scotts setup. I have a Scotts damper on my Ducati Monster and would like to use it on my DR650 as well.
  9. bing

    05 DR650 re-jet

    Something else to consider is the header pipe. The Staintune system is a full system only because Staintune believe the header is too small. Add the Dynojet kit (170 main) and cut the airbox open and you have a big difference!
  10. bing


    I've got a full system on my 2003 DR650. (Also a dynojet kit and I opened up the airbox). Goes really good and has moved all my wheelies up a gear - you can clutch it up in third now! You don't need to rejet if you don't want to but it can make a big difference.
  11. bing

    Converting a DR650 to a super motard

    Here's my 2003 DR650. They go quite good and as you easy to maintain. Std hubs were used with excel rims. The front rim is actually a std rear. Discs are made in Australia by a company called Aussie Discs
  12. bing


    I bought some DR650 hubs from a bike shop in Qld (Allbikes) and they arranged to have the hubs laced into rims. All up including tyres was AUD$1870. (I had the front hub laced into the standard DR rear rim and the rear hub into a new 17 rear rim) This means they are not as wide as the latest rims but it was the cheaper option.
  13. bing


    Goes on pretty easy. I would like a better vibration damper for the mount though. I think I might modify it a bit on that point. Otherwise easy.
  14. bing


    I've got a set of Dunlop Trailmax sitting in the shed for the longer road trips but I do need a bigger tank and a bash plate. Like your set up vash. The front signals on my bike, brianwheelies, are from my Ducati Monster. I figured they looked like the items on KTM's etc so I did some soldering and re-wiring and they look good. I have some smaller arrow items on the Monster which don't suit the DR. I have a set of Supermoto wheels in the post too so when I get them I'll post a picture or two. Thanks for your positive comments.
  15. bing


    Since we're showing 'em off, here's mine. Still a work in progress and more to come.