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  1. I've got a '99 wr 400 that bent valves, so I had the motor done by a yamaha dealer in South Africa. Things done were: New inlet valves, valve seats re-cut, new valve-stem seals, new piston & rings, new con-rod, all bearing new on crank and 4th gear replaced. Problem now is that the bike has almost no power, and does not rev as high as before. Valve timing was set to YZ timing before valves bent but is back to WR timing on re-done motor. Carburettor was cleaned also. Can it be carburettor? Can it be wiring? Please help, i have not had a ride in 2 months because of this problem. Thanks in advance
  2. nic4

    '84 KLR 600 overheating

    The head was skimmed and a new head gasket was fitted. How do I get the air pocket out of the system, if there is one?
  3. Hope someone can help. I use my 1984 KLR 600 as an runaround bike. It started to use oil and started overheating so I re-done the whole motor (Rings, bearings, Valve-stem seals etc.) It was still overheating, so I changed the waterpump impeller, with no result. The radiator water is definitely circulating through the motor and the oil level is where it should be. I've taken out the thermostat, with no luck. Please help