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  1. Delete please
  2. Bought an 02 model today:bonk:
  3. Sounds good then, i'll be looking at an 03 model today or Tuesday.Fingers crossed:banana:
  4. Any good?
  5. Hi i have ben offered a 2003 Crf450r, the guy said it was a bit tappy!! Here is his reply about it Hi mike, I believe that you can here it tappitting if thats a real word? Basically when my friend bought it it had just had a top end rebuild and after a few rides it started making this noise so he spoke to mike bavin motorcycles who told him that its the valve shimming because of the rebuild bedding in. I will double check what ive told you with the owner and will email you if that info is wrong. Regards Is this possible or is he telling porkies? How long does it take to have done? atb
  6. So for people with a low budget 2 stroke is deffo the way to go, as a rebuild is much cheaper on 2t
  7. No probs since top end rebuild!! Perhaps it was running lean at max revs for over 30 mins:ride:
  8. Fair enough but do they just wear quickly or does the metal just weaken?. My sons KE100, just holed a piston at 12k due to some ham fisted moron. I suppose it was getting near to the end of it's service life but just came a bit sooner
  9. Hi all, why do two stroke Motocross bikes get through pistons so quickly? atb
  10. I wish i did:banghead:
  11. I think a stripdown is needed. Regrease all the lnkages, new fork seals, repaint the exhaust and a couple of patchs. It may be wise to slip the head and barrel off, check the bores and rings. How often do you guys change your top ends?
  12. Hi guys, just bought a 90/91 cr, need a but of work to make it look pretty. Goes like a flipin missile though yahooooo
  13. Hi all, i am looking for a dual sport bike. Probably a DRZ OR XR400R. I have an option on a 98 Xr for £870 is this a good price, below average condition with 8k on the clock or would i be better with a drz? 75% road 25% trail many thanks