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  1. Likesdirt

    klx 110 carb questions

    03sik50, I got it to start but it would die shortly after. Checked the float valve and it seems free to me. One thing I noticed is I had put the float bowl on 180 degrees off. Put it on correctly this time but when I kick it over, there is fuel dumping out of the bowl tube and it won't start at all now. Is the float valve supposed to have a spring on it, if so, mine doesn't?
  2. Likesdirt

    klx 110 carb questions

    Hey guys, I've read quite a few threads on carb issues and thought I had it figured out but apparently not! My son doesn't ride anymore so I'm selling his 110 which hasn't been started since last fall. Put Stabil in it for the winter, now I know should have drained it! Pilot jet was completely clogged so pushed the guitar string (.009) through and stepped it up to the 4th size string (. Cleaned everything very well, put it back together with new spark plug and clean air filter. Also cleaned out the gas tank, pet cock, and fuel line. Basically, the entire system is clean! Put fresh gas in and kicked the sh*t out of it but it would not fire. Checked the plug and it looks dry! What the fudge? Kill switch "ON". Fuel selector "ON". All I can figure is the float is stuck or something. Any ideas? Bike is stock, no mods.
  3. Likesdirt

    Anyone tried the JE Piston for YZ250F

    Got the bike done Wednesday eve and took her for a spin. I didn't get on it too hard yet so I could not tell if it is better or not. It is hard to tell going down a dirt road. The track will be the true test. It seemed to run fine on the pump gas that was still in the tank, but I will probably start mixing it 50/50 with 110 in the future. Intake valve clearance checked well within specs. Exhaust valves were also good but one is approaching the top of the tolerance. I think it will be good until the next time I have to pull the head. The bike is a 2005 model but I have no idea how many hours are on it. I haven't ridden since last summer due to bad get off. Just getting back on the track. Well, I am happy with how the overhaul went and I will just have to ride it hard at the track to know what I need to do next as far as tweaking the jets, etc.
  4. Likesdirt

    Anyone tried the JE Piston for YZ250F

    Thanks for the input, any opinions on the header pipe and muffler? I might add that we got the piston installed last night and want to tell anyone putting one in to watch the oil ring. It is designed a little differently with a small ridge on the inside diameter so that it has to be installed first and then work the keeper rings around at the same time on either side of the oil ring or it gets bound up in the groove. It was hard for us to see what was going on due to our presbyopia. You young guys don't know what that is but the ones over 40 do! Still need to check valve clearance tonight then button it all back up. I'll post on the valve clearance. It has never been checked. I will also add that I run Rotella 15W oil and the internals looked great!
  5. I just bought a high compression (13.5:1) piston because a mechanic friend recommended it and the FMF Powerbomb header. Haven't gotten the pipe yet so was curios as to what you guys think - Is the Powerbomb the best pipe for the 05 YZ250F? Should the muffler be replaced when upgrading the header pipe? From what I've read, the jetting only needs to be tweaked, but I have heard so many different opinions on the higher octane fuel that I don't know what to do there either. Curious to get others opinion here.
  6. Likesdirt

    Track Insurance

    Bultaco206: Thanks for the names. Sealusion: I would appreciate it if you could ask him. Any info is helpful.
  7. I got a spring for a TTR 125 at Ace Hardware. It was the width of a business card, about 1 1/2", I believe, from hook to hook. They had a display board with all the different spring styles in the hardware section. They had one that was the right length and about 1/2" in diameter. Worked fine.
  8. Likesdirt

    Track Insurance

    I am building a motocross track and everything is in place except the general liability insurance. I am having a lot of trouble finding a source. The broker I was using tried K&K but they did not want to do it because it is going to be a practice track only until we reach the break-even point on our investment and start reinvesting our revenue into the facility so we can hold races. I found National Motorsports Insurance on the web but they will not give me a qoute until the track is complete and all the required safety measures, like fencing, etc are in place so we can give them a detailed description of the track. I really need a quote for the business plan to present to the banker so we can proceed. The landowner has made it a stipulation that we possess liability insurance, plus we don't want to lose the track and our investment once we get it going if someone decides to sue. I was hoping someone out there might be able to help me out. If any of you are track owners, or know someone who has track insurance, I'd really appreciate any info you could give. Thanks. Likesdirt
  9. I went from a RM 250 to a YZ250F, which I love, but I would have to disagree on the less maintenance part. With a 2 stroke there are no engine oil changes, no filters to clean and/or replace, no cams to adjust, and changing out the top end is a breeze compared to a four stroke. Yes, you will go through a few plugs and you have to premix the fuel but it is not that big of a deal.
  10. Likesdirt

    First Race

    My first race was last fall and I killed it on the start. The rest of the pack was rounding the first turn by the time I got it started. I ended up passing 5 riders but I felt I'd have done a lot better had I not killed the motor. He's right, don't go out there and try to win, just ride and stay relaxed, like during practice. It is very difficult not to feel nervous so don't worry about it. That feeling will go away as soon as the gate drops. Good luck. When you are done, you are going to want to do it again!
  11. Likesdirt

    Dr. Mark - Can't get MRI, what next?

    CT scan shows "normal" knee. I went back to the doc and we decided to do some exercises and see what happens over the next couple of weeks. The inside of my knee is still tender and sore and get a lot of stiffness if I don't keep moving. Dr. Mark, if this doesn't sound right to you, please chime in because I am just trying to get back on my bike as soon as possible and if I need to go see an ortho now, then I will.
  12. Likesdirt

    Yamaha maintenance/technical site

    Thank you, Bill.
  13. Guys, I can't remember how to get to the web site. Could someone post a link for me please? Thanks.
  14. Likesdirt

    i want a 110

    Have you tried ebay?