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  1. leafers826

    Neck Brace? Yes, No?

    My doc, although good at what he does, has a horrible personality and spent his time criticizing the fact that I ride motorcycles. On that particular crash, and a couple minor ones prior to this one, I felt it hurt me...that's not to say there aren't times it will help you. The problem is that unlike other pieces of protective equipment, it is very difficult to test. Although I don't feel the mx mags would intentionally advertise and promote something they felt could hurt you, I have to wonder how much money they receive from a full page advertisement. And with the facts inconclusive, I don't feel they are going to take money out of their pockets by refusing to advertise these. So where else are we getting educated? Regarding the conversations on lawsuits, I was contacted by a lawyer from three states away shortly after my accident asking if I wanted to take part in an ongoing lawsuit against that manufacturer. I have no idea how he got my contact info or heard of the accident. I declined and told him I fully understood the risks when I got on my bike. At the end of the day it's a personal decision whether to wear one or not based on the given facts....which is why I added my post. As mentioned, I don't wear it now...but I have slowed down. Hope this helps.
  2. leafers826

    Neck Brace? Yes, No?

    Just got back on TT after quite some time off. Honestly, I didn't read all 385 replies but wanted to share my experience as well. Like many others, I bought a Leatt brace shortly after they came out. On day one I was comfortable with it on while riding and racing but noticed that when I did crash I wasn't able move the way I felt I needed to. Initially, some friends and I realized we seemed to be hitting our heads a little more often than normal (Vet A/B riders). Still thinking we were doing the right thing by wearing them, we continued to do so. About a year later, while at a LL qualifier I went over the handlebars while traveling at a fairly slow speed. The brace did not allow me to tuck at all (or go face first......I have been playing hockey for almost thirty years so I understand that logic as well). First feeling was instant paralysis on my entire left side followed by my left side burning. I ended up with a broken C6 on both sides and a broken C7. Fortunately, I had a successful spinal fusion and with the exception of pain and ROM, I have recovered. I am back riding recreationally and my Leatt is in the attic. Did it save me from permanent paralysis? Or did it cause the broken neck? Probably pretty tough to prove one way or the other, but i wouldnt just assume it cant hurt to wear one. I am also aware many pros refuse to wear them and I find it hard to believe it is because they can't get used to it while riding. Keep in mind the incentive of people advertising them. Also, I would question whether a doctor would ever recommend against one simply due to fear of a lawsuit.
  3. leafers826

    Brandon, FL - Can I Get a Lift?

    Jason, I am going see about bringing Sammy out and watch the races this weekend. I will look you up if we make it up there.
  4. leafers826

    FL riders. what tires are you using

    I run the Bridgestone extreme soft terrain 101/102 combo. I have even used them to race in Kentucky and Michigan with great results. Anybody behind you will be very unhappy!
  5. leafers826

    forest glen?

    Jason, Where did you see the pics?
  6. leafers826

    Need a Riding Partner and some gas money? Brandon, FL

    Hey Jason/Sam- Looking to get back into it this Spring/Summer when I get all healed up and pick up another bike. I live in Brandon/Valrico area. My son is also hitting my up to take him riding as well. Next time you guys are riding Area 51 let me know and I may take a ride up and shoot the shit. Lance
  7. leafers826

    Florida Riders I need your Help!!!!!

    Hey Jonny- No need to fear, I moved from San Diego to Tampa a year and a half ago and love the tracks out here much better. Although a couple of the good ones have closed, Quicktrax and Flying High, there are still some great tracks out here. I wasn't a big fan of the SOCAL tracks, partially because I didn't grow up riding them, but it seems the only one I really liked was Cahuilla Creek MX. Orlando is within driving distance ( a couple hours) of two of the best tracks I have ever ridden: Bostwick and Thundercross. Also, there is Seminole, which I have never ridden but I have never heard one bad thing about it. Look them up, you won't be disappointed. There are also plenty of racing promoters out here with plenty of competition.
  8. Looking for someone to commute down to the race with this weekend.
  9. leafers826

    Rode the track for the 1st time: Thundercross MX

    I travel down there quite often from the Tampa area.....the track and people that run it are worth every mile of the trip! I will be there for the race on the 17th.....give it a try in the beginner class, you will be hooked. Look me up if you show up- #826 on Honda
  10. leafers826

    Florida Tires

    I run the Bridgestone 101/102 combo.......works incredible at tracks like Bostwick, Waldo, THundercross, and Bartow. It may be a little too soft for Hardrock and Reddick.
  11. leafers826

    Toy Hauler Help Please

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the input. I haven't pulled the trigger yet. I am also looking at a smaller Nitrous Hyperlite in an attempt to avoid having to get rid of my King Ranch that I love so much.
  12. Hey Guys, I am looking at purchasing a toy hauler in the near future. I own an '06 F-150 5.4L 4X4 with the tow package. I was wondering how it would perform pulling a Weekend Warrior FS2500. Website claims the hauler weighs 4750 w/out options, owner states it weighs 6300 lbs. Truck is rated to pull 10K but I don't want to be up near that weight. Air bags needed? Any help would be appreciated. Oh yeah, I live in Florida where there are NO mountains or even hills!
  13. leafers826

    Dade City MX Track

    My post has nothing to do with the owner, as I have never met him. In fact I am all for controlled speeds in the pits since my wife and 3 year old are usually at the track with me. My input was based on my personal experience of riding that track. I spent 40+ dollars, spent all evening, and rode less than 30 minutes on a tight, poorly layed out track. I would much rather ride Bartow, Thundercross, Area 51, Bostwick, or Waldo. I am not a "bitcher", I am giving an honest opinion that seems to be shared by many riders in the area.
  14. Hey Fellas, Jason and I are looking to make a couple trips up to Alabama to get the track dialed in before the Regional Qualifier. Looking for once in April and once in May, anyone interested?
  15. leafers826

    is there places to ride in florida

    Unfortunately, we have had some good tracks close in the past year. Both Lakeland and Flying High have had to close their doors. Bartow is a nice track but is run inefficiently. Dade City is a place I refuse to go. There are some awesome tracks about 2.5 hours away, including Thundercross, Seminole, Bostwick, Waldo and even Pax track. Look me up when you get down here and we can do some riding.