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    Holeshots on the kfx 700's

    CRF: Thanks for the reply: Well they are made by ITP corp.... Holeshot XCT (rear) and Holeshot XC (fronts) No ply ratings marked on the sidewall... Normally these tires which are widely available for ATV'ers have 4 to 6 plys if you buy them aftermarket, but since they are in an OEM application I have a feeling that they are a lower cost/lighter version of the tire you would buy aftermarket... Much like my Nissan frontier, it came with 'BF goodrich' tires but they only had about 1/2 the tread of a new tire I would buy from a tire retailer... They were a normal BFG all terrain tire, just that Nissan had a 'special' version made with less tread obiviously to save cash. Alf
  2. mkii_turbo

    Kawasaki Holeshots on the kfx 700's

    Hey Guys... Have a quick question... Got offered some OEM take off holeshots from a kfx 700 (XCT rears, XC fronts I think) for my raptor, as the guy is going with paddles + smoothies... Haven't checked out the tires yet, but are they the normal 4 ply or 6 ply holeshots tires rather than some cheap OEM version with only 1 or 2 ply. (Like you get on many new cars, OEM versions of name brand tires with less plies and half the tread I realize that they're 10 inch wheels all around. Thanks. Alf 06 Raptor 700