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  1. schwenk121

    What is your opinion on these Graphics ?

    awesome looking go with it!
  2. schwenk121

    Self assembling GSXR!

    I enjoyed that lol!
  3. schwenk121

    kidney belts!

    I most definitely agree with Souperfly! I started wearing one a couple of years ago and what a difference you feel at the end of the day... I am fit as well.
  4. schwenk121

    Arenacross Battle

    I dont care if you say he's a dirty rider, show me a time any where on there that justifies that hail mary kind of pass. What a douce bag daddy to run out there and start fighting a kid a fu*king kid. Too many cry babies in racing i know that.
  5. schwenk121

    Photoshop competition #1

    LOL what a rip off!
  6. schwenk121

    07 Harder to Start

    I used to have problems too, I think that the bike just wore in some now it starts 1st or 2nd kick everytime. I used to get so mad when my brand new bike wouldn't start!
  7. schwenk121

    cold weather starting?

    I give my throttle 5 good squirts and put the choke on and it usually fires up on the 1st kick.
  8. schwenk121

    how many run the same engine and trans.

    I run Maxima 15-40 hp4(engine) and there 80w for trans and cant ask for anything better.
  9. schwenk121

    How do you guys like the 06 07 crf250..

    Yes it will.
  10. schwenk121

    Which way to remove impeller?

    thanks a million TJ i got it! I had to give it a good tap too!
  11. schwenk121

    Which way to remove impeller?

    I am trying to install a boyesen water pump cover and impeller on my 07 but i can get the stock impeller to come off? Which way do you turn it to remove it and what do you hold on to to get it off? I need some quick help!
  12. schwenk121

    twin air filter

    Twin Air + No Toil products A+, cleans up so easily!
  13. schwenk121

    Going for 100ft. joe schmoe style.

    I have white brothers aluminum pro duals on there. I love 'em. Yea if it was a double i might not be trying for it but it's just a tabletop, a real frieking big one that is!
  14. schwenk121

    Going for 100ft. joe schmoe style.

    No thats was on my '07 crf250r. Yea it took some balls to say the least. I had to come into the coner in 3rd and then shift into forth and keep it pinned the entire time to clear it. I have a couple of my friend that have been trying it but just cant work up the courage to really go for it.
  15. This was my attempt at clearing a huge tabletop on our private track. I endend up going 120ft. i measured it this past weekend so I'm not guessing. Hope you enjoy. It was taken with a camera on video setting so please excuse the quality.