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  1. No offense but by the size of those arms he probably does need help to that bike back on the W I D E trail, just sayin,
  2. Looks like one of those UTV trails.
  3. Mike in Modesto

    Slyco's 7 step Weight Loss Program

    Did anyone try the 'shut the bikes off and yell" trick while looking for him?
  4. Mike in Modesto

    Anyone Familiar w/ CA Seat Belt Laws in Cargo Vans?

    Wow, this thread really is about seat belts in a van, lol.
  5. Mike in Modesto

    Stewart IS DOWN

  6. Mike in Modesto

    Day parking near Jawbone Cyn?

    Its sad this question is even asked, why cant people just leave others stuff alone?
  7. Mike in Modesto

    Does this bother anyone else?

    Nascar fans? really? Try a Raider game sometime!
  8. Mike in Modesto

    Riders missing, staged from Randsburg

    Would it be so bad at this point to turn the masses loose to look around? Im no search expert but it seems like more eyes looking around might help at this point.
  9. Mike in Modesto

    Cal City...Fish and Game fencing everywhere!

    I thought we were supposed to paint "dont tread on me" on the turtle shells?
  10. Mike in Modesto

    Carnegie ~ Sunday ~ 12/11/11 ~ 9:00 am

    Nice video, fun stuff but I'll bet that fourteen minutes felt more like an hour. OBTW, about four minutes into that vid where some single/double tracks meet theres a lone tree on the right that overhangs the trail, I saw a good sized mountain lion standing there a few years back in broad daylight!
  11. Mike in Modesto

    Public Service Announcement

    GOOD, I love that area out there. I also envy you guys that live in that area.
  12. Mike in Modesto

    Public Service Announcement

    Wayne, a few years back we were under the impression that Spangler was all unrestricted riding, is this not the case any longer?
  13. Mike in Modesto

    RFS bikes Vs. CRF450X

    ????????????????? What??????????
  14. Mike in Modesto

    Praire City Harescramble

    PC HS's are fun but dont think it will be easy just because that place is flat, the rocks can wear you out after a while. Hevy duty thick tubes will help prevent flats. Also, watch for course markers, dont just follow. I followed a pack off course then leater lead a pack of course, LOL. Just pace yourself and have fun!
  15. Mike in Modesto

    Proper way to warm up a 2stroke