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    strapping down

    That is actually a very good idea!!
  2. You know, I've been thinking about getting one of those Skorpion alarms with the remote disable and the battery backup. I'd had one of those Gorilla alarms on my Sportster - probably still have it somewhere. Not bad for the money, but I thought the tilt-sensor was WAY to sensitive. An alarm that's always going off is just as ineffectual as an alarm that never goes off. I use a disc lock but it doesn't seem to really be much protection on a bike that weighs only 320#s - it seemed a better lock on my 505# TL1000R or my 750# VTX1800. If I didn't keep my DRZ in a locked garage I think I'd have one of those eyebolt-things set in my driveway with a Krytonite New York chain thru some part of the frame. You can get some pretty good ideas for styles of locks by checking in the back of one of those Brit magazines like Performance Bikes or Superbike. There are things like micro-dot labelling, die-grinder labelling, all sorts of garage locks, pins, anchors and eyebolts. I don't know if Lo-Jack would be of any good. I'm sure you'd get your bike back, but would you want it? Every bike I've ever seen returned to it's rightful owner is beat to hell, and often not in running condition. LOL, I even saw one guy get his R6 back as just a frame and engine - it didn't even have it's wiring harness!!
  3. watergap

    registering motocross bikes in Az?

    Yeah, you're going to learn to avoid any dealership associated with the Arizona Motorsports Group. I think they're changing their name to Ride Now pretty soon here - maybe changing names will confuse customers? Anyway AVOID, Tucson Motorsports, Tucson Cycle Ski, Town and Country Motorsports, Desert Motorsports, USA Motorsports, YSA Motorsports, and Metro Motorsports. I'd suggest going to Sierra Cycles, Casa Grande Cycles, Drew & Crew Motorsports, All-Pro Cycle and Offroad, Champion Suzuki, Extreme Suzuki, Apache Suzuki, ATV Mountain Cycle, or Action Motorsports. These are all Suzuki dealerships within 200 miles of Tucson, AZ. There was a lot of research involved when compiling this list. I bought my TL1000R and my wife's SV650S from Tucson Motorsports, and well, I'll just say that there's a reason why I tend do buy all my Suzuki parts off ronayers.com and do all my own service. It actually turns my stomach when I'm forced to step foot on AZ Motorsports properties. I'm not freakin' kidding here!! I bought my DR-Z400SM from Tim at Champion Suzuki in Mesa. Tim seemed pretty with it. I'd deal with them again in the future. Bruce at Sierra Cycles is a pretty good guy - their service department seems really good, too. That's one real problem with Tucson. There's no decent Suzuki dealership. Anyway, yes you can title your dirtbike in Arizona. It gets a Recreational Vehicle title, costs like $13, looks like a motorcycle license plate, and may or may not need to be displayed on your bike depending on where you ride. Also making a four-stroke bike street legal is pretty easy in AZ. You need at least a mirror on the lefthand side, a horn, headlight, a brakelight, and I think now an illuminated license plate mount. Here in Tucson there is no emissions test anymore, and no inspection. You go to the DMV, surrender your RV title and apply for a Motorcycle title, there's a waiver you fill out saying that you have all the necessary equipment to make the bike street legal, and that you will make it street legal. If you get stopped and the bike's not legal, then it's your head on the chopping block. Of course you'll need to get at least the minimum liability insurance if you're going to ride on the street. By the way, it's the same process for ATVs here - they get licensed as a motorcycle too, you have to be over 16 to ride on the street, have a license, but don't need a motorcycle endorsement, and must wear eye-protection - I'd STRONGLY recommend a helmet. Don't you just love it?? Arizona hasn't even been a state for 100 years yet - it's still the Wild West out here!!
  4. I'm not going to say that I've got a lemon DR-Z400SM but this afternoon my top chain roller (part#43911-13E00) and every thing attached to it fell off my bike this afternoon. I was two-up with my wife and rode about 6 miles at >45mph and all of sudden heard this rattling-flapping noise - I've thrown a rod before (on another bike of course) and the sound sent cold shivers down my spine because the sound would stop when I backed off the throttle. As a pulled into the next driveway my wife asked what just fell off the bike? Hell, I don't know!! The chain roller looks like it's there to keep the chain from hitting the coolant overflow resevoir when the suspension's under full compression. So, I guess it's not a big issue, not like like dropped valve or something. But the bike is still brand spankin' new!! I don't even have 800 miles on it yet and haven't even made a payment on the bike!! I already had to fix a stripped bolt holding on the skid plate. It looks like it came from the factory that way. I had the same thing happen on my TL1000R. I thought it was a good omen. I put 18,000 trouble-free miles on my Tiller before I traded it for this gee-whiz-super-cool-neeto supermotard-thing. I did the 600 mile service myself - tightened all the exhaust system bolts, changed the oil and filter, checked the steering bolts and tightened all the chassis bolts. I guess I missed one, eh? But, I don't have the service bulletins or warranty updates a Suzuki mechanic would have. You know, lists or service tips of what to watch for when servicing my Suzuki. Suzuki doesn't list any recalls on their website for the DR-Z, but there ought to be at least a couple of service updates. But with the stripped skid plate bolt, and the fact that half the engine cover bolts on my TL1000R were loose when I bought it, and then this chain roller coming off, I'm wondering if Suzuki builders have ever heard of Loctite? I guess I won't be riding two-up again with this bike. Pity. The bike seemed to handle, accellerate, and stop okay with the extra weight...
  5. watergap

    DR-Z400SM gas mileage?

    Well, I've got 600 miles on the clock and I'm still getting only about 44mpg. I got about 63mpg once on a longer ride. But only that one time. The "poor" gas mileage is really the only disappointment I have with the bikg and that's only because the tank is so small. I also found when changing the oil that one of the skid plate bolts is stripped. Looks like it came from the factory that way. The bolt turns but doesn't back out. As it is, I wouldn't be able to remove the factory skid plate if I needed to. I don't think I'll ever need to though. On the up side, I don't think I've ever ridden a bike as nimble as my SM. On that long ride I was blazing thru some mountain roads north of town - real favorites for the sportbike crowd. I didn't really rail thru the turns any faster than I've ever gone before, but I did shoot thru some turns with far greater confidence than ever before!! The bike is so light it changes lines with a thought!! I was leaning the bike over so much thru some turns I was actually getting vertigo - really!! It was making me a little sick to my stomach. I wouldn't let off the throttle at all, I'd just weight the outside peg and lean over farther!! Incredible... I've had one flat rear tire already too. It was about $8-9 to have fixed at the shop I work at. I've got the worst luck with flats, but they usually cost the price of a new tire to have fixed - $150 at least. I don't think I've ever owned a bike with tube-type tires before. Meh, any thoughts on why I'm getting such "poor" mileage? I keep it under 70mph, but I have to ride some interstate when I commute - 3-4 miles - there's no way around it. Maybe I just ride like a jerk? But, its not like I'm stretchin' the throttle cable at every chance...
  6. watergap

    DR-Z400SM gas mileage?

    What kind of gas mileage can I expect from my DR-ZSM? I'm only on my third tank of gas - only 200 miles on the clock - and I'm only getting about 44mpg. That's WAY better mileage than my last bike, like 30% better, but I was expecting a bit better. Lo-50's maybe? I thought I was kind of babying the bike even. Cycle World magazine reported mileage as 54/45/51 hi/lo/avg, with a 133 mile range including reserve in their June '05 report of the bike. If I'm only going to be be able to travel 109 miles per tank, I'm going to HAVE to get a bigger tank for the bike. On that note, will a desert tank from Acerbis or MSR that well fit the DR-Z400E fit my SM?