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    Feelin good about my 04 klr650 purchase

    I guess I should not say the doohickey is not done. I really don't know if the 1st owner did it or not. Is there any way to tell?

    Feelin good about my 04 klr650 purchase

    I have not done the doohickey, but I will in the near future! I watched the video on youtube, and it looks fairly tricky even if you have the special wrench. I may try to find someone local that can help me with it or that I can pay to do it. Are most KLR owners sending it into the dealer for the upgrade or just struggling through it themselves? Sounds like the KLR650.net is something I need to spend some time on so I'll check it out. Dan

    Feelin good about my 04 klr650 purchase

    Thanks for the info on the clutch, I was beginning to wonder how it had been treated by the previous owner. Any thoughts on the price I paid? I feel pretty good about it, but I'd like some opinions if you have time. thanks Dan
  4. I just picked up a 2004 KLR650 that rolled 800 miles on my test ride. The guy described the bike as "obviously been used off road", and I thought what the heck, I am gonna ride it off road! I showed up, and this thing looks great. It has one scratch across the tank sticker that might wax out, a few scratches on the rear fender, and some dirt here and there. There are very few chips in the swingarm, but it looks like the guy used some pretty sturdy cleaning agents on it, but I'm pleased. The previous owner lowered it, and put radiator, brake, and shifter guards on it. It also has a Kawasaki large soft rear bag on it and mx style bark busters. The bark busters are going to have to be beefed up imo. The tires, sprockets, brakes, and chain all agree with the mileage but the clutch seems to engage late. I have taken most of the adjustment out of it, but it still engages in the last half. That would not concern me that much, but I am now the 3rd owner. I have put 100 miles on it since I bought it 5 days ago, and the previouse 2 owners only put 800 on it? I thought the price was fair though ...$3200.00. Now all I need is someone in the Kansas City Mo. area to help me with the doohickey upgrade, or at least suggest a place to take it, and I will feel like I have a bullet proof bike. So far all I have done is replace the oil and oil filter because I did not know when it was done last. I used Mobil 1 synthetic for 4-strokes (10w-40) and it seemed to smooth everything out a little. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. thanks Dan
  5. I have been riding off and on for 30 years. Never really agressive riding, but putting hours on the bikes. I have always changed the oil between 5 and 10 hours with great luck. My dad has never changed the oil in any dirt bike he has ever owned. He has also never changed an air filter, or done any maintenance whatsoever. His bikes have never let him down, but I think an oil change is really inexpensive, and is not hard to do. If you have the time change it often, but dont stop having fun to run back to camp and change your oil and filter.

    Oakland, KS planned ride this Saturday 9/9/06

    Received it, and I'll keep you posted when I head that way. Sounds like it is only about 45 min to an hour from where I live. Thanks for the info Dan

    Oakland, KS planned ride this Saturday 9/9/06

    Can you tell me more about the Oakland Ks riding area? That is close to me, and I would love to find an area that I could ride for the day. thanks Dan

    Fly Wheel Weight for the 450 x

    I know exactly what you are talking about. I went from a klx300 to a crf450x, and I always stalled the x in the tight stuff. I fixed my problem by installing a JD jet kit, a Pro Circuit pipe, took a tooth off the front sprocket, and put a Rekluse clutch on it. I am short, so I also added a Kouba link to lower the bike. Know I can ride all of the rock ledges I could ride on my klx, but I can do it alot faster and smoother because of the x's excellent suspension. I love the way it runs now. I can ride at 1mph without stalling, or hammer it and pull the wheel even in 4th without the clutch. I think if I were going to do it all over again I might buy a KTM 400 EXC. I think it would be the same bike without having to do all of the mods. not sure which mod did the most for my riding style, but all of them together make one hell of a difference. Dan

    WR426 compared with WR450

    which one will tractor along at 2 mph up, a steep rocky incline, without the clutch pulled in, better?

    jet sizes

    JD jet kit is well worth the money, it sends you everything you need and tells you exactly what jet to run for your altitude. Also, the people there are great at answering questions. Dan

    06 450x Rekluse - Jd Jet - Kouba Link - Skid Plate

    I love it, completely smooth's everything out. No more dead on the bottom end I just killed it problems.
  12. Just thought I would report on how my new 450x is performing after a few modifications. I am not tall, or big at 5'7" and 160lbs. When I rode the stock bike, I was out of controll in the difficult stuff with a bike that is to fast and to tall. I must have dropped the bike 3 or 4 times the first day I rode it. I was really thinking about selling the bike and going back to my old faithful KLX300R. Then I decided to make a few mods and see if I couldn't make the bike work for me. I took one tooth off of the front sprocket, added a Rekluse clutch, re-jetted with a JD jet kit, Pro Circuit T-4, and lowered the bike 1.75" with a Kouba link. I also added bark busters, and a skid plate. This bike is exactly what I was looking for; easy to ride, tractable, and fast as hell. I rode it hard for over 100 miles in the rough stuff last weekend, and I love this bike. I don't know which mod made the most difference because I did most of them all at the same time, but the combination works great. Thanks to all of you that gave me advise. Dan

    2006 Crf450x Fly Wheel Weight

    I rode the bike last weekend with the Rekluse clutch and lowered to the ground. What a difference!! Now all I need to do is put the JD jet kit in. Thanks for all the input. Dan

    2006 Crf450x Fly Wheel Weight

    I ordered a JD jet kit, and I will try the bike with the modifications I have already done. Hopefully that will tame the bike down enough. thanks for all the input Dan

    2006 Crf450x Fly Wheel Weight

    Anyone Know Of A Place To Buy A Flywheel Weight For A 2006 Crf450x? Anyone Running A Flywheel Weight On An X Model? I Would Like To Tame This Machine Down, And Be Able To Get Really Slow On The Hill Climbs Without Killing It. I Have Already Taken A Tooth Off The Front, And I Am Considering Adding A Few To The Back, But I Dont Want To Be Stuck With A 25mph Top Speed And Have To Short Shift All The Time. I Also Added A Rekluse Clutch And A Kouba Link To Get It Closer To The Ground, But Have Not Ridden It Yet. Thanks Dan