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  1. Well, while cleaning the carb last night before reading this, I noticed that the reverse lever wire was unplugged and the reverse and neutral lights didn't work either. So, I hooked the wire back up and it runs fine. It still seems a little out of tune, but it is definately rideable now. I'm going to mess with it some more. Thanks guys!
  2. Ok, I just bought a 1999 Yamaha Warrior 350 for the girlfriend to ride yesterday. When I went to look at it, it was cold, but seemed to run fine with the choke on. Even took it around the yard once. Today, I let it warm up to temperature. At first it ran fine with the choke on and a little after the choke was off. Just like yesterday. So, I let it run some more. Then, all of a sudden, it started to sputter and pop as soon as I tryed giving it any gas no matter if the choke was on or off. It still idled fine though. There are no mods that I know of. When I bought it, it didn't have a spark arrestor in it. I put one in, because where I ride, it's required. Any ideas?
  3. 400EXBill

    Quad Video

    Hello everybody! Here's a video my friend did of us riding over the weekend. Check it out and let me know what you guys think. Just click the "Quad Wars" image to view. People with slow internet Connections.. Do a right-click.. Save target as...
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    Couple videos

    I've heard of it, but I've never been there.
  5. 400EXBill

    Couple videos

    You know your music. The soft music is Blind Melon and was put in there making fun of my friend Brett. Everybody was jumping except him. He took the slow ride through the trench. I couldn't resist .
  6. 400EXBill

    Couple videos

    I hear ya. We don't have them problems. Most of the places in PA are quad trails that allow dirtbikes. Even the race tracks have one track for dirtbikes and one for quads. Infact, I can't even think of a place right now that is dirtbike only in PA. What I do know thats hard to find in PA is Jeep and fullsize 4x4 trails. It's waaay easier to find a legal place to ride quads and dirtbikes.
  7. 400EXBill

    Couple videos

    Thanks guys! (except you quad haters ). You guys should check out the website we just started. FullThrottleAssault. It's more of an anything goes ATV site that has little moderating. It's mostly quads but we do ride with some friends who have dirtbikes. We are currently working on a new video from another place we ride which has our dirtbike friends in it. Won't be ready for a week or two as we are going offroading in our Jeeps this weekend at Paragon Adventure Park in Hazleton, PA.
  8. 400EXBill

    Couple videos

    I'm from Erie, PA. The video was taken in Northeast, PA. I believe there is some footage in the first one from Majestic Lost Trails also.
  9. 400EXBill

    Couple videos

    Here's a couple videos of me and my friends. Please right click and "save as" to download. The first one was taken as we were building an MX track out at my friends house. Keepin it pin'd The second one is the party we had when the track was finished. MX Party