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  1. Chad WR 450


    Thanks a lot, I'll be sure to check it out!
  2. Chad WR 450

    What are the top riding areas B.C.

    I live in Surrey B.C. 45 minutes away from Vancouver. Looking for the best trail rides from Bailiwick East and from Squeamish West? Let me know what type of trails they are.( tight & gnarly or lots of open logging roads etc) Thanks
  3. Wondering why some people up here in Vancouver B.C. area are saying that the new 05 WR 450 doesn't require jetting and it doesn't run to lean from the shop. Is there a difference from a wr purchased in California lets say? Should I just ride it after the free mods have been done and not worry about jetting the bike? Could the basic carb adjustments be all it needs? If nothing at all. Also, is the grey wire just for bikes in the States. I've heard here in B.C that the shops don't cut it.
  4. Chad WR 450


    I live in Langley B.C. Isn't there siome good riding in Pemeberton and the Lilloet area?? You might want to check out that area.
  5. Chad WR 450

    Arm Pump

    I know were not suppost to advertise really any business on this, but I use a new energy gel called Agel "OHM". It works fabulous and tastes great. It will improve your riding because you will be more alert and have a lot more energy for a longer period of time. Call me if you would like more information. The product works, and it's almost all natural, not loaded with sugar either. Under my information section-check out my website under "products" and you will see it.
  6. Chad WR 450

    Will Be buying 05' wr450

    Hi guys, this is my first post. I'll be purchasing a 05 wr450f in January. I have been told by one shop that I don't need to jet the bike once you take off the throttle stop and do the airbox mod etc, yet another shop said you need to re-jet the bike. So what is needed. One guy at the shop bought a 05 wr 450 and never jetted the bike and it runs perfect after the mods. I live in Langley B.C in Canada(near Vancouver) so I'm not going to be riding really more then 3,000 feet max, most my riding will be near Princeton and Hope, Chiliwack etc. What do you guys recommend? Thanks, look forward to hearing back.