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  1. Their kids can do their riding in video games! LOL 😂. Not mine!
  2. I owned a 2001 Yamaha YZ426F and did all the same work by myself, replacing the cylinder, piston, rings, valves, valve springs, cam chain and all. It cost me over $1,200 in parts alone. I took my time and put a lot of work into it, But when it was done, it was one, it was one damn fast YZ426F . In a drag it would beat most stock 450s.
  3. Colorado

    Colorado is full. You should consider staying where you currently reside.
  4. I used the Jay Marmont map with my Dr.D full system and it was a night and day difference. It seems to rev much quicker and I think they complement each other really well.
  5. This is a direct reflection on the Dallas Polce Department, and how poorly their officers are trained...
  6. This is wrong and a rip-off double standard, an unfair law and worth fighting in court!!! If this is true the 4 X 4's should also pay and stick it to the mountain bikers as well.
  7. Yeah! diesel gets more MPG, but consider it costs .60 - .75 cents a gallon more, it defeats the purpose. I'll take my 390 HP 5.7 L stone stock 3/4 Ton Hemi over any Eco-Boost!!!any day... Drive one if you don't believe me.
  8. The Dealer makes the difference for me.....Yamaha dealer race support in my area is far better than the Honda dealers.....Discounts and technical race support make a huge difference......
  9. Check your valve shims and make sure they are all in place properly. When removing the head they can easily fall out or move causing the symptoms you are describing with incorrect compression.
  10. It's fair. Deal on it.
  11. Put a quart in and check the dipstick.
  12. It just has to grow on us. then everyone will try to coy it.
  13. On the street, my old FZ1 will whale on any 450. Ha! Ha!
  14. Done!! This is a perfect example of all the Jackasses we have in United States Congress and Senate that allow this to happen.
  15. No, the XR is a bullet proof and proven design that has been around for several decades. I have owned several and have ridden them hard for years without ever having to do a valve adjustment. The newly designed bikes are much more touchy. I wish they all had the XR reliability.