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  1. supaflyryan

    XR650L Aftermarket Exhaust Question

    Another vote for the Wileyco. I too was able to snag an eBay deal, and am very happy with the result. Keep your eyes out for when the next batch hits the auctions.
  2. supaflyryan

    Supermoto wheel offsetting

    Use a spoke wrench. I had to do it when I got my wheels and after 10 minutes adjusting the spokes I haven't had a problem since.
  3. supaflyryan

    'L' air filter question

    UNI makes one with a 2.5" inlet, which is what I use. I did a writeup on 4strokes about relocating the electrical stuff to the airbox and using a pod filter. http://www.4strokes.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=21217
  4. supaflyryan

    650l rear fender

    Maier's fenders are not motocross style. Granted the don't look as bad as the stock, but they still have the curve. Cemoto makes one as well that is also "MX Style," but again, is not exactly like the ones on the 650R or CRF's.
  5. supaflyryan

    Smog pump block off question

    Check 4strokes.com, they have tons of articles with pictures to help you out.
  6. supaflyryan

    What's up with XR's Only?

    I still can't believe they don't have any form of online ordering. You know how many more customers they would have and time they would save? it's not even that expensive to set up.
  7. supaflyryan

    nice rack

    What do you want for it?
  8. supaflyryan

    Maier Mx rear fender for XR600/650L

    My Baja Designs light is underneath the fender. I cut off all the plastic for the plate holder part and just left the light.
  9. supaflyryan

    Maier Mx rear fender for XR600/650L

    See my garage. I have one installed. It still curves downward a bit too much for my taste, as I would prefer more of a straight back "stinger" like the CRF's have. It's still way better than the droopy dongle stock one though. The Cemoto one is a little better and in retrospect I probably would have gone with that instead.
  10. Yeah something happened with their host's server. It should be up soon. I did a writeup for relocating the electrical and they will have it up in Tech in the next few days, so check that out too if you are interested.
  11. supaflyryan

    Side panels

    I cut mine down right after I relocated the battery and electrical system. It looks a lot better (very few people other than some dirt riders even know what kind of bike it is) and was super easy to do. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v497/badcopnodonut/CIMG0461.jpg
  12. supaflyryan

    wileyco exhaust. any good?

    I am happy with mine as well after riding for a few days. I have Dave's Carb Mods done and along with the exhaust I went to a UNI pod filter instead, and was able to stuff the electrical things inside the airbox. I'm very happy with the power the bike is pulling now.
  13. supaflyryan

    XR-650 R/L Full Cockpit Suite

    More importantly is how it hooks up? I can't find anything relating to applications so I have no idea if it would work on these bikes. I would be interested though, after taking off my speedo for my SM wheels I have to rely on my GPS for speed.
  14. supaflyryan

    Show your moto!

    My XR650L http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v497/badcopnodonut/CIMG0461.jpg
  15. supaflyryan

    Alternate Swingarms

    I highly highly doubt it. XR600/650L SM wheels are readily available, and are the brakes and sprockets that difficult to find?