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  1. I just check the weather and it's gonna be a beautiful weekend, I can't wait!
  2. Yes I Would Like To Know If That Ktm Guy Will Be There With His Fast Bike.. I Think Its Time That He Gets Beat. I Would Like To See Him Get So Compotion. Are You As Fast As Him? Do You Race His Class? Cant Wait To See Everyone There. Bring Your Big Guns....
  3. hey fella's how's it been going been gone for awhile but im back now just checking up on everyone..any new things to talk about any new advancements on powewr for pit bikes
  4. Well Wow You've Been To Our Store Latley And Know What We Sell Thats Awsome Can We Be Friends
  5. Opps I Forgot One More Thing Kx250rider651 Next Time Tell Your Boyfriend Mr. Moto To Swallow Before He Wipes His Chinn Off
  6. and thats all i got to say about that if YA SMMMELLLLLLLLAAA WHAT IMM COOKKEN
  7. hey kx250frider651 why dont you come race me to if you want. i wouldn't mine sticken my xtreme,,,,xtremely far up your ass..if you dont wanna get out of my way...lets go for S.O. come on tough guy lets race
  8. wow i really feel bad for the guy that brought pitster in to this chat room he is a really nice guy its just his followers persay that have hurt this pit bike
  9. actually i would rathere ride a xtreme nowing all the trash talk coming from all these guys that ride pitsters...wow what a punch of immature people i would have to be crazy to ride a pitster.. i cant wait to ride my 124 xtreme.... look oiut for next year...wow for all you pister guys to just trash and put people down you show alot of class maybe you should be man enough and step it up to the plate lets me know where you;ll be racen at and ill be there.....oh and here is a helpfull hint i should through your way....what spare parts to bring to a race if you own a pitster...shock,,,swingarm and hmm whats that other thing you need,, you know you used to eat them when you where a kid? oh yaaaa deeezzzz nuttsss
  10. hmmm good question looking for serious answers only
  11. where do i fine these fox air shocks? and $?
  12. no not to put anyone person down but i have been hearing alot of talk about a broken shock and i am not one to listen to hear say.....so i do appriciate everyones imput. now where do i get them and how much? i am really interested and will the fit both pitsters and xtremes casue like i have mentioned in my last post i am decide between both bikes and would like to see them perform as well but we always cant get what we want... hhmmm hopefully some one can help me out and how do i see a pitster in person and where do i get xtreme's 124cc i have only seen a 90cc and they look small
  13. some please help me i weight around 230lbs and i need a shock that will acommedate me and allow me to ride my xtreme with comfort and pleasure.
  14. Man O Man does anyone know if the pit bike races are done for the year. I got the need for mini speed...... I gotta get me one of these mini's
  15. Hey, Ya im going to be there. But i was wondering if any one no's if anyone will be selling any pit bike there, i wanna buy: i want an xtreme but i have never seen a pitster so i cant deside. I want to know witch is fast stock?What will have to do to be compeditive with the fast guys.Does anyone have prices on them. i dont wanna go there short? Or maybe used..And is there any flaws to either i should now about? Are parts availible for both? THANKS M-X-S