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  1. sensor

    Lets talk about my DR for a second.

    I have been told to fill the engine up with oil for long term storage. But I would think that over the winter would be short term. Also, you may get a couple of days warm enough to take it out for a short ride, which will circulate the oil. You can also just start it once in awhile. If you use synthetic oil, that tends to stay on the metal longer than regular oil. For just a couple of months of storage I would fill the gas tank and add some gas stabilizer (wal-mart usually has a product called Sta-bil) and put an automatic trickle charger on on the battery. If you have long periods of extreme sub-zero temperatures you may want to pull the battery and take it inside. Hope this helps some. ~Steve
  2. sensor

    Looking for a jacket

    I am looking for a riding jacket now that it is getting cooler out. I have been just using my jean jacket, but it really dosn't offer much wind protection. I was wondering if anyone has found one they really like and where they found it at.
  3. sensor

    Deal on a DR650?

    Larz, I got a 2001 DR650 for $2700 with 1800 miles 3 weeks ago, I had to wait about a month and half for the right deal to come along. If you can wait, for the right deal to come along it will, we are going into the winter months. If it has low mileage and has been well kept that goes along way. The Kelly Blue Book is $1375 trade in, and $2060 retail, which I check before buying a vehicle. http://www.kbb.com/kb/ki.dll/ke.kb.tp?kbb;;MD013;&21157;rc&&zrc;Motorcycles But if you get a DR650, you will have a blast on it. No doubt in my mind. ~Steve
  4. sensor

    maintenance stand

    yea ha, I love this forum, so much good advice. I plan on checking all of the jack stands to make a choice, these stands seem to be the most multi-functional.
  5. sensor

    newbie to DS...looking for performance help!!

    I also just bought a DR650 and the first thing I did was change the oil to synthetic. I used Syntec 10W-40 because it could found locally for less than $5 a quart. Synthetic oil will make easier to start in colder temps. My bike was re-jetted with a dyno-jet kit and the air box opened up when I bought it. It runs very well, but I'm still getting used to it.
  6. sensor

    maintenance stand

    Hey, I was wondering what everyone uses to stand their bike on or to hold it level when doing maintenance. I just did a oil change and was thinking about bending some rebar to make a stand to put under the rear axle. Thanks
  7. sensor

    Synthetic oil

    Thats a good idea, and I am going to do the same. I just got it tagged for the road yesterday, and so far I really like this bike!
  8. sensor

    Synthetic oil

    I just bought a 2000 DR650 and was thinking about switching it to synthetic oil. Anyone have a brand to recomend? Will it mix ok with the residue oil left in the crankcase? Thanks