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  1. crf150fox

    Just got the motor back!!!

    I dont think it has as much to do with the bike. I think its more of the rider on the bike.
  2. crf150fox

    06 150f street rod finished

    yes it is but i believe you would need to get the stator rewound. ^
  3. crf150fox

    My backyard track

    they worked for me. Looks like fun just to go out and mess around on in your backyard. Definitely would be cool to have in my yard.
  4. crf150fox

    Photoshopped bike of the day

    what was wrong with it, besides the bolt holes?
  5. crf150fox

    Photoshopped bike of the day

    heres my 2nd attempt at photoshopping bikes.
  6. crf150fox

    Some cheap bling (or whatever)

    http://monsterenergy.com/aboutus/mailform.php that should be it. just fill it in add some comments about there products and mention you would like to run some of there stickers on your bike.
  7. crf150fox

    Some cheap bling (or whatever)

    just email monster. they sent me a huge pack of stickers then a week later sent me another one.
  8. crf150fox

    Photoshopped bike of the day

    this is my first time using photoshop. it didn't turn out too bad. but its not the greatest.
  9. crf150fox


    would you be interested in a 150? i am selling mine and its in good condition and runs excellent. it dosn't have the black panels like in my avatar.
  10. crf150fox

    Photoshopped bike of the day

    i have gimp but i am not really good at chopping with it. do you know any good tutorials or tips for chopping bikes. for example, changing colors to make it look realistic.
  11. crf150fox

    Pics of Where you Ride

    i am pretty sure you cant post that^
  12. crf150fox

    New bike

    looks really good. Love the blue rims.
  13. crf150fox

    From this to THIS!

    Wow thats really nice bike. You must be a Suzuki fan. You have a few toys in the garage as well.
  14. crf150fox

    First time on track

    How much do you have your 150 up for?
  15. crf150fox

    kx100 or crf100r

    just curious but how much are you selling for?