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  1. zboarder720

    Wiring question

    Hi, i have a 96 xr 600 and I want to get it actually street legal again. I have the plate and its registered with the dmv. EVerything else is not legal. The blinkers, headlight, and break light dont work. The wiring harness is just shot. The guy before me just took a lot of the wiring so there are bits and pieces of it everywhere. My question is, where can a get a new harness? and would that be all i need? What about a blinker button? Gas is just killing me. Im getting about 8-9 mpg with my bronco and i just cant afford it. so i figured i should get the old pig back on the street. Thanks
  2. zboarder720

    RC Videos Triple Back Flip

    The Savage is the basher truck. That thing is the toughest truck you can buy. Those trucks are stock. They do break, but they can take that much beating. I have a XTM X-Cellerator Racer SH .12 pro engine Spektrum DX3 radio spectrum servos too much aftermarket stuff to list. I have thousands into this truck. I have had a few before this one and I am thinking about getting another monster truck pretty soon.
  3. zboarder720

    Prices on YZ250F Anniversary Edition

    Never mind, I found it! That thing is AWSOME. I love the yellow and black. Very cool.
  4. zboarder720

    Prices on YZ250F Anniversary Edition

    I have never heard of this bike? Does anyone have a link? I have a TTR-125 and I just come in here and dream, lol. I am saving for a WR250. I am getting there. Anyways, sounds cool, I am going to go on the Yami website right now...
  5. zboarder720

    Iron Butt

    Thats pretty cool, where is that? It looks awsome.
  6. zboarder720

    The Best Video You Will Watch.

    Nice T-Maxx. But ya, put a helmit on.
  7. zboarder720

    How to wheelie

    Ok, so what I thought was true. It is basically the same on a dirtbike and on a mt. bike. The same rules basically apply. I cant wait to go try this out. I want to hop on it right now and bust some out, lol, too bad I dot have any dirt around here to actualy do that...
  8. zboarder720

    How to wheelie

    That is exactly how I am teaching my neighbor accros the street how to wheelie on his mountainbike. I have to go adjust my break a little more I think. I want it to engage quicker still.
  9. zboarder720

    How to wheelie

    Thanks. Thats cool. I am going to play around with that.
  10. zboarder720

    insane video (knockouts falls ect.)

  11. zboarder720

    How to wheelie

    OK, lol. I cant wait. I tried looking for it, but I cant find it. I have windows XP. Where is it?
  12. zboarder720

    How to wheelie

    So would standing up be better than sitting down? On a bike I prefer sitting down. I think I would like that better on a dirtbike too. Because its easier to hit the break.
  13. zboarder720

    How to wheelie

    LOL. Thanks. Ya, as for the stoppies I was doing all of that, just not going that fast. I will try it this weakend. As for this being posted before... sorry about that. I just regitered here. I will use the search next time before posting. Thanks for the tips. I am going to try all of that. I just addjusted my back break so it engages a little quicker. Before I coud not get my toe down farenough with my boot on. Because when I adjust it I always have shoes on. So today I put my boots on and tried it. So I am set. I cant wait to go try to wheelie angain. And I am glad you dont have to use the clutch, because I am not to good at that. I dont know when to use it and when not to.
  14. zboarder720

    How to wheelie

    I realy whant to learn how to wheelie on a dirtbike. I can wheelie for ever on my BMX bike and my Mountainbike. I can ride a unicycle too. I have realy good balance but the footbreak on the dirt bike kinda scares me because I am not real comfortable with it. I have done a few by poping the clutch. I can get it up and everything but I adomatically bring it down because I dont want to beak anything. So my questions are 1. Do you realy have to use the clutch when you are wheelieing or only getting it up? If so, when? 2. What is a good gear to do it in? It seems like 3rd would be good... 3. If the bike does go over and land on the back, will it crach the pipe or anything? It seems like it would. I know "how" to wheelie on a bike, just not on a dirtbike. The same rues apply right? By the way, this is on a TTR 125l Also, about stopies... It seems like when ever I try it, the front tire just locks up. There is no in between unless I am realy going fast. Is that the key? Goeing somewhat fast then slowly applieing the breaks. I am pretty good at this on my bikes as well, but its soo light I can just through it around pretty easy. I can get some good pics of me wheelieing on my bike if you want.
  15. Vert cool! I love your bike!