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  1. dc182

    2017 450rx & r Dump the Dual's ?

    There is a picture of it on the bike on their facebook webpage. Looks like it sticks out really far compared to the duals. Might just pay the extra $$ for the duals and keep them tucked in.
  2. dc182

    2017 450rx & r Dump the Dual's ?

    That is great news!!! I wonder if Yosh will do this as well.
  3. dc182

    18 reviews

    Listen to the racerx podcast by Steve Matthes on the 18 RMZ450. It is very informative and will answer a lot of questions that you might have about the new bike. Dustin Pipes goes into detail about their recent test day at the JGR facility. I think Suzuki did their homework on this one as he loves the bike.
  4. dc182

    2018 rmz suspension?

    There is a racerx podcast from Steve Matthes on the 18 rmz450. Very interesting podcast as it answers all of your questions about the bike (suspension, handling, etc...). Pro Rider, Dustin Pipes, goes into detail about his recent ride on it at the JGR MX track. Sounds to me like Suzuki did their homework and came out with a great bike that could be a front runner in the 450 shootouts. Personally, i rode the RMZ450s in the past years and decided to go back to Red for the 17 season (2017 crf450). Although it is a great bike and I love everything about it, I must admit, there is something about my Suzuki's that i miss.
  5. dc182

    2018 are at the Dealers: Batt is 2Ah

    I'm sure Honda R&D has done plenty of testing on these batteries. I'm not worried about it.
  6. dc182

    2017 CRF450R issue / knock

    Almost sounds like a loose timing chain or something to that nature.
  7. Awesome. Looks like my tuner will work with the update software CD. Thanks a bunch.
  8. MXA mag just put an article on the 17crf450 that shows a map that they tuned with the help of Honda Racing. Pretty interesting article to get your 17crf450 even better.
  9. I think i was misunderstood on my reply. I have a 17 crf450 but have the tuner and software for the 13 model.
  10. I have the tuner and user interface for the 2013 crf450. I wonder if the plug will match the ECM? If not, anyone know what i would need to order?
  11. dc182

    Buying a 2018 crf450r

    The 2018 MSRP is not 8849. They are now around $9149 MSRP. Probably because of the addition of the e-start on the bike. If you know a dealer, you might be able to negotiate them down a bit. I know my local dealer very well and I still didn't get that much of a deal on my 17. I would get the 18 since it will have updated suspension settings and the estart. Unless Honda throws a huge incentive on the 17. Either way, Awesome bike you will be getting.
  12. dc182

    2017 CRF450R :)

    My 17 Crf450 has done it once or twice in the 5 hours of ride time I have put on it. I don't think it's anything to be alarmed about. My 2014 KX450 would do it also.
  13. dc182

    From Kawi to Suzuki - New (to me) 2014 RM-Z450

    I'm almost positive this was a bike that my buddy owned. If it is, the bike is definitely new. Was for sale on Craigslist in the Colorado area. I was going to buy it once i sold my 2013 rmz. You can tighten up the steering nut a little bit to help with headshake or run a little more sag. How is the suspension with the FC suspension? Im leaning towards a 15 rmz now that i know he sold this one.
  14. dc182

    2015 CRF450 Shootout

    Absolutely correct.
  15. dc182

    2015 RMZ 450 Shootout

    2015 Racerx shootout video is out. I will let you see the results for yourself.