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  1. My hotstart cable was rusted and keeping the valve open a small amount (lean) and it was popping nice, and idle was up and down too.
  2. Looks nice! good shape too. I know there is a suspention setup thread here somewhere.
  3. Yeah i had to straighten one of the verticle bar clamp to tree bolts, and was good, you just need a vice and a 3 foot piece of metal pipe, stick a deepwell socket over the end of the bolt and throw the 3ft torque wrench (pipe) on it.
  4. Make sure hotstart is closing all the way, I totally overlooked mine, and found the cable was rusted half open, doh!
  5. I had to learn to ride with the legs and not grip the bars so much, im 40 and just getting back to it myself, I feel ya! get it in the woods to learn the bike faster!!
  6. The stupid hotstart cable was rusted and holding open a little, I cut off the bad part and added a crimp on loop for temp, runs nice finally, love the power!
  7. Exhaust leaks,lean pilot jet or dirty pilot jet, hot start cable stuck open.
  8. got mine from payloadz
  9. I got mine 02-04" from payloadz do a search prices are nice!
  10. I rode my sons quite a bit ( 200 lbs), no issues keep air in tires though! tough bikes no doubt, even the wife rode it, her first.
  11. Id guess reverse thread!
  12. My 03 was poping nicely( just got mine to) , had some leaky joints in the silencer and the connection to the header pipe. Runs way better now!
  13. I polish alot of things, usually 220 grit then 600 or higher is all you need and brasso or Mothers of course. I have heard of high quality frame paint that comes in a spraycan, I may try the black with 3 coats.
  14. Its a big toy! actually they were on it when I got it last week, ill ride it like it is for awhile, The 9 year old likes the too!
  15. 2003 450 http://s269.photobucket.com/albums/jj42/Atkelley1/Toys/?action=view&current=IMG_0337sm.jpg