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  1. jordan3629

    CRF150 super mods and tuning tips

    dose a 250 brake line fit the stock brakes or 80 brakes? is that the powroll kit how do you like it? who ported and polished your motor for you? im trying to build a machine like that.
  2. jordan3629

    Super moto crf150

    smaller sprockets you mean or larger? what kind of chain?
  3. jordan3629

    crf 150 modifications ?

    It isnt that hard. i got a set of a 01 at a local junkyard for $500 and all you need is brakes rim and a reger engenering tripple clamps or you fork will hit your gas can when you turn.
  4. jordan3629

    cr85 suspension conversio

    You can get fork seal for dirt cheap.
  5. jordan3629

    CRF150 rebuild thoughts needed

    where did u get it from? for powroll kits it requires you to run on 100 + octane.
  6. jordan3629

    CRF150 rebuild thoughts needed

    i dont know if i would go up to a 190 if i were you because you need to run race gas witch burns super hott and your head is going to be really thin.
  7. jordan3629

    Super moto crf150

    That is sick. what kind of motor work do you have done? how the hell did you do the cr80 rear disk brakes? Are those the stock front brake line because when i did that conversion it is really tight. Where did you get those tires and rims?
  8. dose anbody know of any super moto tracks on the east coast near new england? thanks
  9. jordan3629

    Super moto crf150

    that kit is nuts. the sidewinder sproket is a little big so you might want to buy it from bbr they reccomend 15 - 55. where can i get a set of those rims? are those excels?
  10. jordan3629

    Red Rider Super Moto Info

    where did you get those tires and how they fit your bike? I have the same bike with the same pipe and i am trying to turn mine into a super moto machine. That tire question may seem stupid to you but i am a rookie and i dont know where to start.
  11. jordan3629

    Super moto crf150

    I have a 2004 crf150. I need some help for some ideas i should do to it to race supermoto. What kind and size rims should i get? Where can i get a set of tires. I was thinking a big carb kit and maybe a bbr cam. I cant bore it out because the limit around here is 158cc. ________________________________________ 2004 CRF150 CR80 FORKS REBUILT BY PRO ACTION SUSPENSION BBR REV BOX BBR SKID PLATE RENTHAL FAT BARS SIDE WINDER 428 CONVERSION KIT REGER ENGERNIRNG TRIPPLE CLAMP EBC ROTOR AND PADS NICE CARBON FENDERS FRONT AND REAR