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  1. I am looking for a good 50-70cc bike. It will just be used for wheelies, stoppies, fun bike, stunt, etc. I don't want to spend alot. How does the SR70-C stand up against the others? Quality? Reliability? Any thoughts or ideas. Or any other good bikes to look at? Thanks.
  2. I put a 160 on my DRZ-S but had alot of rubbing and I had a good amount of trimming to do. I did have the hub offset, but does it need to be offset more? Is alot of tire trimming normal for putting on a 160 on a DRZ-S. Thanks
  3. Well I actually live south of N. VA. but always looking for people to go riding with in my free time. So let me know when you all go.
  4. I already posted this the other day about there being any street legal supermotard in Northern VA.