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  1. VT supermotard

    Ssr Sr70-c

    I am looking for a good 50-70cc bike. It will just be used for wheelies, stoppies, fun bike, stunt, etc. I don't want to spend alot. How does the SR70-C stand up against the others? Quality? Reliability? Any thoughts or ideas. Or any other good bikes to look at? Thanks.
  2. VT supermotard

    drz400sm need can a 160 tire fit?

    I put a 160 on my DRZ-S but had alot of rubbing and I had a good amount of trimming to do. I did have the hub offset, but does it need to be offset more? Is alot of tire trimming normal for putting on a 160 on a DRZ-S. Thanks
  3. VT supermotard

    Riders in Northern VA

    Well I actually live south of N. VA. but always looking for people to go riding with in my free time. So let me know when you all go.
  4. VT supermotard

    Riders in Northern VA

    I already posted this the other day about there being any street legal supermotard in Northern VA.