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  1. ford truck man

    Led problem, yes I searched

    man my head hurts from reading that ^^^
  2. ford truck man

    My future bike..possibly

    Hmm.. well I'll keep this updated if they move on the price..I might get it.
  3. ford truck man

    My future bike..possibly

    Well you know your going to get fed the bullshit that it has been babied (spelling) Supposedly they drove it to shows..but &%$#@! they would trailer it if it was a show bike. Either way it is one of the only 05 400 s's around me. and btw the parts are already installed, those parts alone new are like 1000 bucks and there already on, so no labor. I am a auto. technician so it isnt like installing that stuff is hard. I think they are asking 5400 for the bike and all the stuff then taxes and registration b/s are extra.
  4. ford truck man

    My future bike..possibly

    I found a 05 for sale from a dealership and I'm kinda interested. Thing is the dealership had this as a feature bike, it has yosh. full exhaust, re-jetted, renthal bars, new grips, and some dunlops. The sale person I was dealing with left it very generalized on the specs and I'm gonna check it out this weekend. All the aftermarket stuff has a 1 year warranty so I'm not to worried about it. Bike has 70 miles on it though. They said they'd give me the aftermarket stuff already installed for 500 plus bikes cost. Thoughts...opinions?
  5. Alright, I spent 2 hours on here to find the stock graphics that come on 05 and below. Long story short, I closed the page. Does anyone have the link handy or should I just goto the local stealership?
  6. ford truck man

    What graphics?

    Where'd you pick those up from, and what kind of price?