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  1. jvanleuv

    Repacking Yosh Rs3 SS

    mine has small bolts on the tail end of it. they were a little hard to get loose but mine came apart in about ten minuites. jt
  2. jvanleuv

    helena to butte area

    hello, i was wondering if anyone knew of some good single track type riding around the helena/ butte area. I'm going to school at carroll and am new to the area. any suggestions would be great. thanks, jt van leuven
  3. jvanleuv

    Who makes the best riding boots

    My Fox Comps are not waterproof. Not the best for spring and winter riding.
  4. jvanleuv

    Pilot Air Screw Conversion

    you can order directly from sudco? I thought they only sold to dealers? They definatly have everything
  5. jvanleuv

    Pilot Air Screw Conversion

    hi Does anyone know where to get the pilot/slow airscrew conversion? I have only found one place online, and could not find it in the tt-store. thanks, J.T.
  6. jvanleuv

    Keihin FCR DRZ400 Jetting

    can I lean it with the fuel mixture screw?
  7. jvanleuv

    Keihin FCR DRZ400 Jetting

    hi burned, I put in the jets, but could not find a 75 pilot air jet in town so I put in a 65. I am going to order an adjustable one from sudco. The pilot is a 38, main 152 and the needle is stock at 5th down from flat end. I have one more question though. When I took off the carb I unbolted the tps. on mine the tps housing has a slotted hole to bolt it onto the carb. this lets the housing to rotate slightly. does this affect the timing enough that I need to set it properly? It runs with the 65 pilot air, but cuts out when I gun it real hard. hopefully this will be aleviated when I get the adjustable. thanks
  8. jvanleuv

    Keihin FCR DRZ400 Jetting

    thanks burned, I'm going to the motorcycle shop right now. If you are ever in the Spokane area with a dirtbike, tell me and we'll go riding.
  9. jvanleuv

    Keihin FCR DRZ400 Jetting

    the original slow air jet is a 60. The main air jet is a 200. thanks burned
  10. jvanleuv

    Keihin FCR DRZ400 Jetting

    Sorry, lots of questions, I am figuring it out. is pilot jet same as slow jet and pilot air jet same as slow air jet? why do I go to a smaller pilot jet? is the large pilot jet responsiable for my sparkplug burning problem?
  11. jvanleuv

    Keihin FCR DRZ400 Jetting

    i'm at about 1800 ft
  12. jvanleuv

    Keihin FCR DRZ400 Jetting

    i kinda wanted to take the coast enrichener off. Only because it is in the way and makes the engine revdown weird. If I take it off what pilot and starter should i use?
  13. jvanleuv

    Keihin FCR DRZ400 Jetting

    should i still change the pilot and starter jets? I'll try the stock needle and I'll change the main to a 152 thanks
  14. jvanleuv

    Keihin FCR DRZ400 Jetting

    the needle is labled: 0BDXP the jets are 148 45 65
  15. jvanleuv

    Keihin FCR DRZ400 Jetting

    Thanks Burned I'm pretty excited to have some more power. Is that 3rd from the top. There is seven notches, it is on the 4th from the top now.