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  1. captainbeaky

    XR250 Supermoto wheels

    Yeah - I keep seeing aftermarket XR400 wheels out there - but XR250 ones are rare - it's not a popular choice to suspermoto. Are the XR400 wheels the same as the XR250 ones? Ta, Mike.
  2. captainbeaky

    XR250 Supermoto wheels

    Hi all - I keep seeing XR400 wheels coming up on Ebay - does anyone know - are they interchangeable with XR250 wheels? I've got a 2005 Jap import XR250 with electric start - and I'm enjoying it on the commute a lot more than I thought I would - so would like some sticky rubber for it. Any other ideas as to what will fit? Ta, Mike.
  3. I've got the VE88 CV carb that's fitted to all the Japanese models - with a load of anti-pollution Junk on it. When I put the foam air filter in - it runs too lean, and is hesitant at high speed - plug comes out clean - not good. With the standard air filter back in, the power is good (but could do better). But it's the throttle response that's bad - it's really fluffy - there's a delay between snapping the throttle open, and getting the power - bottom end power could be a lot better (from other XR's I have tried). Was thinking along the lines of fitting the FCR 37 pumper from a CRF 250, but sleeving it down to a smaller bore? How did you get on with the 39mm - was it on an XR250? I am worried about low speed bogging (which I have at the moment anyway!) and a 39 might just be too big... Ta, Mike.
  4. What about the Keihin FCR 33 or 35 - what are these fitted to?
  5. Having trouble finding anything here in the UK. So I thought I'd start looking at what's out there second hand...
  6. captainbeaky

    XR250 Carb help please...

    Thanks for that - esp the mod for quickening the throttle response. What other bikes use this carb (so I can find a manual?) (where did you get this info - cos I turned up nowt on the web... Cheers, Mike
  7. captainbeaky

    XR250 Carb recommendations?

    I need to rejet the carb on the XR250L (2005) - so I'm thinking of upgrading the carb. From what I've seen, the Mikuni TM33 Pumper and the Keihin FCR (In 33 and 35) are options. What are people's thoughts/experiences? Thanks, Mike.
  8. Which bikes use these carbs? I'm looking for a replacement for the CV carb on my XR250L. Needs a rejet, and would like a little more power too - so a new carb might be the trick. Something along the lines of a Mikuni TM33 Or a Keihin FCR33/35 (Both with pumper)... Would seem to be the trick - What bikes are these fitted to? Ta, Mike.
  9. captainbeaky

    XR250 Carb help please...

    It's got a Keihin VE88 Constabt Velocity Carb. Anyone got a workshop manual for this carb? (Or the bike - I don't have the circuit diagram for this carb - with the TPS). I want to look at rejetting, but like to have all the info to hand.... Ta, Mike.
  10. captainbeaky

    keihin flatslide pumper

    Interesting... Keihin have a 35mm flat slide kit on their website for the XR250.. I was thinking along the same lines as this, but can only find the 39mm flatslide off the CFR250 - which would probably be too big, and bog down on my standard XR250. I'd say give it a spin - it'd probably be about right - especially with the 280 bore kit. Mike.
  11. captainbeaky

    New Body Color for the XR250 and XR250 Motard

    Yeah - I did see the date - but hey.... I've been here a while - but only now started looking for info on the VE88 carb fitted to mine - I need to richen the mixture.And Hey - I found a pic of my bike....... Cool.
  12. captainbeaky

    XR250 Carb help please...

    Had a good look around for info on the VE88 carbs, and got nothing useful - but there are places that sell jets etc,. Any info on this out there? Am I on a hiding to nothing with this carb? Would I be better off going for a standard XR250 carb - or something better? (Anyone put a Keihin FCR on the XR250? - I can see loads of CRF 250 carbs on ebay...) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike.
  13. captainbeaky

    2005 XR 250 carb help needed

    I've found out that it's a CV carb. A Keihin VE88. Anyone got any info/comments on this? Anyone played with one? I tried a foam air filter and removed the snorkel, and it's running very lean. I want to know more about the carb before I start tweaking. Possibly an exploded diagram, so I know what I'm undoing... Am I on a hiding to nothing with this carb? Would I be better off going for a standard XR250 carb - or something better? (Anyone put a Keihin FCR on the XR250? - I can see loads of CRF carbs on ebay...) Any help would be appreciated...
  14. Sorry - posted elsewhere - then noticed this forum group... 2005 XR250 - Japanese model:- http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=209178 Standard bike - only changes are:- Ground out the exhaust welds on the header. Changed the ignition resistor for a brass rod. Running fine, plug colour spot on. Power good - will do over 85mph Will cruise at 70-75 all day. Economy good - 45-55 mpg. Far better than my old CB250RSA Pick up is a bit slow - if the throttle is snapped open, the bike accelerates like my old Saab turbo - it picks up a bit, and then comes fully on song about half a second to a second later. Plenty of power - just a bit slow in giving you the whole lot. Now that it's well run in, I changed the metal/paper air filter for a putoline foam one with the plastic cage, and removed the snorkel. Bike is very down on power and weak - plug somewhat glazed - running lean. So I've put the snorkel and filter back for now. Need advice. The carb isn't anything I recognise from the manual. Just checked it - it's a VE88 EASF Apparently a CV carb - from memory (please correct me if I'm wrong), the difference is that there's a diaphragm that pulls the needle and slide up depending on the depression across the carb. So by fitting the foam filter and removing the snorkel, less depression - leaner mix... Have some mixed experience with these in the past on cars - the VV (Variable Venturi) in my old ford was basically a CV carb, and when working properly was a good mix of performance and economy. When running badly was a right pig. Apparently good for emissions though... My mate had a "Bing" Constant Depression carb - which accurately described his mood with the old bike it was fitted to... Anyone got any tuning/service info on the VE88? Or am I better changing the carb for a standard XR one (or something bigger???? - if so what would people recommend. On mine, there is a Throttle Position Sensor on the carb too. What is the interaction of this? (again, nothing in the normal manuals) Can I remove it - any ideas please.... Oh - has anyone got a service manual for this bike? I have the UK ones, but they don't have any of this data... Thanks in advance... Mike.
  15. captainbeaky

    New Body Color for the XR250 and XR250 Motard

    That's what I've got - I've finally found it... Love it too - it's brill. I've got it in black, with motocross wheels. Really good bike.