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  1. i need to replace the power valve in the ol' 250. do i need to take the cylinder off or can itt be done on the bike. big job?any help or suggestions? thanks
  2. ok finally got her uncorked! and road legal, went to a honda dealer for the mikuni jets, 140 main(small round) & 55 pilot. the pilot was too long so i took my dremmel and cut it to size(works perfect). put a pro circuit t-4 pipe on and opened the air box, im at sea level and it runs nice ,no flat spots or bogs,instant throttle response. WOW! what a difference!!! i havnt touched the fuel screw, i was wondering how many turns out it should be? a little loud, thinking of the 3.5" quit tip? now i need to change the gearing, what is the best setup for ridng on the road. now the front is a 13 and rear i think is 47. first 3 gears are really close,need more top end and less take off, any input would be helpful!
  3. looks like I'm going to have to cross reference mikuni jets into the teikei carb, does anyone know the part numbers for mikuni 55 pilot and 140 main that will work?my yamy dealer here tells me i cant re jet my ttr 250!i wish these people would get fired there lazy and don't want to spend any time on my bike(disgusted)!!!thanks for this site though its been allot of help thanks guys!
  4. thanks for the info,im running my ttr with stock pipe with baffle out,air box mod on the way soon as i find jets,cant wait to uncork her!
  5. called http://www.yamahaaccy.com/parts.aspx and all they can get is stock?
  6. tried bike bandit ,no luck
  7. where did you get the jets from??
  8. did you find the jets?
  9. i have been searching high and low for these jets (140 main & 50 pilot)and cant find them. any advice would be appreciated.