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  1. An overpriced, over-engineered bike, that is going to need an insane amount of maintanence, won't fit into any racing classes, and won't be street legal.
  2. Another person that hasn't ridden the 610.
  3. "omfy cozy lolly gagging down the road"?! I take it you've never ridden a 610, or at least you've only ridden one that was bone stock.
  4. I have one of these: From http://www.speedzilla.com/supermoto.shtml Motostrano sells some supermoto t's as well. Don't forget the that SMR has some cool shirts: www.supermotoracer.com
  5. The only manufacturer that is serious about offering high performance street legal supermotos is Husky.
  6. Husky all the way, for street, for track, or both.
  7. I've been using that BelRay Thumper stuff, is that any good?
  8. I've only ridden one bike with a slipper, and I couldn't "back it in" like I could on my bike without a slipper. I'm guessing I just need to go a lot faster into the corner and bang it down a couple gears like Scott said.
  9. Good SM610 Info on this thread: http://www.speedzilla.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9436
  10. Read through this thread... http://speedzilla.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9436 I've been thinking of a SM610, and there is some good info here.
  11. He asked for average lap time, not superman's lap time.
  12. The '05s are street legal too, I've seen them on the street.
  13. Pic of the new bike posted on the speedzilla forums.
  14. These look pretty hot to me: http://www.speedzilla.com/supermoto.shtml
  15. It's fake. It's not real. It's phony. It's bogus.