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  1. Happy Birthday ESC!

  2. That sucks man. I've done similar things myself. I was rebuilding a motor once and looked at the wrong chart for the torque specs for the intake. I thought I was looking at the intake specs but I was really looking at the head bolt specs. Needless to say, head bolts take a little more torque than intake bolts...and the result was not pretty. But, don't listen to these bozo's. It's called R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y Lieing about it in an attempt to rip off the MFG is lame.
  3. Find out where he lives, douse his bike with gasoline, light match, walk away, smile.
  4. ESC

    A few bad apples

    You gotta have a chat with them. Be respectful but very clear that you will not put up with it. You don't have to be an azzhole or threaten to get your point across. Then, if your request falls on deaf ears it will be time to call the authorities.
  5. ESC

    Theft and Recovery (Happy Endings?)

    Awesome you got your bike back. But I don't know if I would have been able to give those losers any money. I probably would have just told them "thank-you", shook thier hand and try to get them to give thier lives over to Jesus.
  6. You sound bitter. My bike isn't the best but it works awesome and has waaay more power than I'll ever use. I'm a sucky trail rider. I'm fat, old, slow and have to work hard to stay out of people's way. But I'm out there having fun and if I had the extra $$ I would probably have a newer bike.
  7. Hey Snowman - please let us know how this comes out.
  8. #1 You can't bring a lawyer into small claims court so throw that idea out. #2 Caveat Emptor - Not your problem that he can't get the bike stickered. He bought it. It is now his (and his problem). You will win this case.
  9. ESC

    how to be safe.

    I stay safe by not riding MX. I stick to trails only. My first (and last) experience at a track was nothing less than chaos. In the 1 hour I was there I saw two kids get seriously injured by someone jumping and landing on top of them. edit - Plus, I'm just too damn old for the track.
  10. ESC

    could have been alot worse

    I had the back wheel fall off my car once. Some ********* thought it would be funny to losen all the lug nuts. I made it about a mile before it went. Broke 3 of the 5 studs off and ruined the other 2.
  11. ESC

    keeping boots shiny

    I don't think I've ever washed my boots.
  12. ESC

    i couldnt stand waiting!

    I hope your parents take it back and give you a lump of coal instead.
  13. ESC

    I hate deer

    I'm still calling BS. No no no no way you were doing 100MPH when you hit that deer. I believe you hit a deer but your bike would be totalled at that speed....and you would most likely be dead.
  14. ESC

    2853$ in dealer fees????

    Wow! Hard to believe stuff like this actually happens.
  15. ESC

    need help

    Don't ask, don't tell. But, me thinks someone left themselves logged in to TT. LOL