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  1. That is Arno the Pretoria manager KTM and Blackie the mechanics XT, the don't really ride.
  2. Yes I do, We are a whole group of okes on drz 400's!! This bike is definitely the best kept secret in south Africa!! If you are ever in the paulshof sunninghill area pop in, I'm at The new Fritz pienaar cycles on witkoppen across the road from Pro action KTM. My bonie is always parked in front of the shop. Cheers Ruan
  3. That looks amazing I do a lot of riding in and around Pretoria and Johannesburg , where is this place????
  4. My DRZ 400e has 6000km on the clock of very easy riding, I made sure the bike was broken in properly when i bought it new. What would be accepttable oil consumption for my bike because at the moment its using about 500ml of oil for every 1000km.
  5. I have a big problem! I flipped my bike on the weekend doing a hill climb and punched a hole the size of a penny in the clutch cover. The problem is that the little piece of magnesium fell into the motor. I stripped the cover containing the water pump housing and flushed the engine with diesel but still no sign of that!@#$%& piece of metal! Before I start to strip the engine I want to know all the exact torque specs for the drz 400, can any body please help me?