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  1. stretzhs459

    Goin' to the Track

    I have never had a problem with mine other than deep mud ruts from the woods. My kickstand has never come down on me, but then again my bike only has 45 hours on it.
  2. stretzhs459

    Making graphics

    Oh sorry didn't answer that before. It's for a 250R, but I have the 250r number plate on my bike and do not need the light anymore.
  3. stretzhs459

    Making graphics

    Thanks. Yeah I've been using adobe cs4 for about 2 weeks now. I spend more time on that program than any other thing. I have about 3-4 more designs, but those are the ones going on mine and my brother's bike. Thanks by the way
  4. stretzhs459

    Rubber Bar Mounts

    I have the Pro Taper universal oversize bar mount clamps. They work great and bolted up in just a few minutes. For info I had twinwalls bars on them as well as the new sunline anti-vibration bar.
  5. stretzhs459

    Are you happy with the way your 250x peforms?

    Very happy with it other than some suspension issues in rocks.
  6. stretzhs459

    Making graphics

    Working on some 250x graphics and need some help. I would really like it if anyone can take a picture of their number plate graphics that have not been installed yet...Preferably the left airbox and number plate. Here is what I got so far: I realze that I am using the newer style front number plate, but the others are from a 2005 crf250r which is identical other than the airbox door. Thanks to anyone who can give me a good picture.
  7. stretzhs459

    Go for a good deal on a 05 or wait around for an 06+

    It all depends on the price and if it is in good condition.
  8. stretzhs459

    Honda Blue seat cover????

    www.n-style.com has the seats. You can get any color you want for $69.99.
  9. stretzhs459

    Larger rear tire size on the X question

    If your going into muddy situations you will want a smaller tire, for hardpack stuff a bigger tire is better.
  10. stretzhs459

    good trade or bad trade ?

    If you have to post it and let us tell you what we think you should do then do not do it.
  11. stretzhs459

    xyience graphics red plastics

    Here is his picture..
  12. The RXR chest protector with air is the only one I've seen that provides crash protection everywhere.
  13. stretzhs459

    home made step seat $0 PERFECTION

    Your seat hump isn't perfect either, but being it was free I guess it would work.
  14. stretzhs459

    Troubleshoot crf 250x

    We already have one in the faq's topic.
  15. stretzhs459


    Honestly I have never had a problem with my 250x with carb issues. I do not have a bog and have spent just a few bucks in jets, and taking the time to do the free CCC mods. My next investment might be a 250r cam. On the track I can tell I need more top-end, but for woods it is perfect. To be honest keep your money and do not get the quickshot.